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My timing is off and I need to adjust the carb. I think i have the normal carb as far as i know (didnt think about looking what it was, till i started typing this sentence)

How to I adjust the timing and adjust the carb. Im very familiar with the parts and concepts with this stuff I just wanted a list of directions to go by because im a bit OCD when i work on my own jeep haha.

Are there going to be screws and i screw them in till it idles down then screw it out till it idles down and put it in the middle or something like that? Im running REALLY rich, I might just half to change the jets too.

And timing I have done on a 350 chevy but whats the directions on these straight 6s

Your post are greatly appreciated. Thanks to the active posting members :chug:
start with the screws 2 turns out and go from there. make sure both screws are turned the same amount. timing is done the same way as a 350. unscrew the dizzy bolt enough to turn the dizzy and check with a timing light.
Do the timing first.:cool:
Make sure you remove and plug the vacuum advance on the dist. before trying to set the timing. When reconnecting the vacuum line. Make sure it is ported vacuum. Not manifold.

Find out what carb you have before spending to much time with it. So many variables.

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