Turn Signal Flasher

Turn Signal Flasher


South Carolina
1978 CJ5 Golden Eagle
1982 CJ7 Renegade
Hoping this is an easy fix that someone can help me out with....
Turn signals do not flash when engaged, however they do flash when the hazards are engaged and do illuminate when lights are turned on.
Any suggestions?
1982 CJ7

you have two flasher relays at the fuse block, I would guess that the one for turn signals isn't working.
:agree:If you look at your fuse block you will see two round silver things they are your flashers. Turn on your hazards and you will here it clicking the other one you need to replace.
I do have the two round sliver relays for the configuration, and I thought (hoped) that would be the case. Since the Hazards worked, I simply swapped them... Hazards still work, and Turn signal still does not work.

I think that would mean that both relays are fine, but another issue elsewhere, correct?
Yes you are correct. When you say the don't flash do they come on and don't flash or does nothing happen?
Do all your other lights work?? stop, tail and back up??:D
Some later model Laredo CJ's had the turn signal hanging on a 90 deg plug Yellow wire, Red w/White trace.

Area behind the clock/headlight switch.

No idea why the fuse block wasn't used. Mine never had the packard connectors installed, either. Wasn't the PO's doing. Went bad and bought a LOUD one as a replacement.

Do your brake lights work? Hazard was fused separately from turn, IIRC.

Bulbs installed incorrectly, or tired sockets causing the bulb to tilt can do some odd things to turn/hazard/markers as well.

If all the hazards flash, it's not a socket ground issue.

Good luck. :)
All bulbs work (can see them light up when the hazards come on).
Brake lights work when brake is pressed
All lights (Front and Rear) work when the main light switch is pulled on.

Will next investigate the comment "Some later model Laredo CJ's had the turn signal hanging on a 90 deg plug Yellow wire, Red w/White trace."

Thank you for the comments
Then you may need to replace the turn signal switch in the column.
That is possible, but it is a "new" (rebuilt) column, so really think that is in working order. It sounds good when moving the stem north & south.
Check to see if you get power at one side of the flasher when you hit the turn signal.

Since both flashers are operational, you must have an open circuit on one side or the other.

Did the signals work before the column switch?

An easy check would be to supply power to the correct side of the flasher and see what happens.

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