Turn signal help

Turn signal help


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This is for my 1980 CJ with the normal GM column.

Does anyone have a pic of all the parts that have to do with the turn signal assembly?

I have a new "turn cam" and two springs. Basically the "Help" section package.

And the two thin strips of metal that go side to side on the new cam.

Is there anything beneath the turn cam that contacts the metal strips on the top of the underlying wire harness assembly plastic piece?

Am I making any sense? Or do I need to add pics?:eek:

Update with PICS!!!:D

This is the new turn signal cam out of the "Help" section in most auto part stores. My question is am I missing a part? From this view you can see the turn signal contacts to the right of the shaft. Is there a metal piece that I'm missing to make the connections when this cam signals left and right?


These two metal pieces are the only thing left from the original cam I
pulled off. It literally came out in pieces.

Those metal pieces have nothing to do with the electrics "I think" but rather the clicking and returning of the turn signal lever.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics.

Thank you for any help!:notworthy:
Looks like everything is there. The bottom of the flat V spring is the brush that switches circuits. Regrease this stuff, at least.
Scotch bright the contact surfaces SHINY and regrease is better. White lithium or D.E.

You should be able to test the lever cam as is. The cancel cam/horn rotor isn't necessary to test the signal assembly.

Edit: you seem to be missing the left and right cancel springs. They sort of hold the upper part in your hand, and the lower part together.

John Strenk to the rescue once again. Good pics here. Untitled Document Exploded views usually have it as an entire assembly.

You can see what an intact one looks like, at least.

If anything is missing, an entire GM switch and harness are 30 to 40 dollars. Knock-offs are under twenty bucks. I think any GM column (68-82 ?) are all the same part number, except telescopic columns, A few parts can be found individually.

New springs found here: jeep switches | Steering Column Services

Click on the turn signal assembly, and hover over the pic on the buy page to "zoom in".
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Thanks for the link Bondo. Hopefully I'll have time this weekend to button it together.
Appreciate the reply!
No problem. Personally, if I were in that deep I'd buy a new switch.

Too much of a P.I.T.A. to grab parts from a junkyard column, for me. Test it out before putting the other stuff back on though.
No problem. Personally, if I were in that deep I'd buy a new switch.

Yep, think that's what I'm gonna do. Upon further inspection of the new switch you posted, I'm missing some things to make my switch work. There appears to be some soldered pieces that i don't have.

I'll post back my results.

Thanks again.
Went ahead and bought a new switch off Ebay for around $20. Horn works, turn signals work and hazard works. Now to the other 20 things that need fixin! :eek:;)
Now to the other 20 things that need fixin! :eek:;) 05-16-2012 12:02 PM

And each of those leads to another twenty. ;)

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