Turn Signal Replacement

Turn Signal Replacement


Bryan, Texas
80 cj7, 258 engine, Dana 300 transfer case
I am in the process of replacing my turn signal on my 80 CJ7 . I am to the point where I am supposed to be able to slide the housing on the steering column back. I have removed the key cylinder and the three screws holding the plate on. The cover will not pull off due to a gear located behind the key cylinder. As I pull the gear rotates until it gets to the end and everything stops. Does anyone know what I am supposed to do next? I have pictures of it but I don't know how to send them as I am new to the site.
OK I think I can send a picture with this showing what the problem is with sliding the cover off the shaft. These two gears mesh together and only go so far and then stop. Can't seem to find any thing that describes how to disengage these gears.
the "rack" is what your trying to "disengage"
but the wires to the turn signal are on the opposite side of the column
feeding the connector of the turn signal is a major PITA
just curious....on why you are tackling the rack
please dont disengage those gears until you try to feed the connector through the slot on the lower left side of the column
try the

"OMGWTF I need a coat hanger and some tape" ......trick

3 ways
cut all of the old wires take out...feed coat hanger UP column hook it to connector and pull through
cut wires at turnsignal tape to new and pull
or cut all of the old wires take out and push new through

some others may have easier way but thats what i have had to do

we dont want you to have to replace anything you dont want to
oh and the last pic was a "typo"
Thanks to all of you for saving my butt. I did not disengage the rack and I got the wires fed through without too much difficulty. I do appreciate all of your comments.

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