Unclear of Carb I.D.

Unclear of Carb I.D.


Ontario Ca.
67 cj5 V6 225 buick engine, D18 transfer case, D44 rear, D27 closed knuckle front with dualmatic hubs (style "D") and T86 trans.
I'm having some issues with finding a carb rebuild kit for a 67 CJ5. I got it from a original owner who lives here in Calif. The carb is a rochester "2 JET" but there is no serial numbers to go by. I have found the rebuild kits being two different ones at car quest auto parts. One is for cal. emission kit # 317B the other is #384B for non emissons. I looked up the serial # on the jeep and came up with 8305 S 220816 "83" is univeral CJ5 "05" is open body "S" is smog univeral 6th # is "1" is for lefthand drive and the last # "6" is for V6 225 without emission. Confusing to say the least. Can anyone help unravel this problem I'm having Thanks Darrel:confused:
I am trying to picture what "emissions" there would be on a 67 Dauntless.:dunno:
That early?? I don't recall air pumps on automobiles until 70 something but I won't argue the point. Of course wew are talking about Cali., I guess.:D
Hi IO,
The carb does have a vacuum line running out of the back of the bottom mounting plate. With hoses going to the valve covers with some sort of valve connected to them. I guess it's to reduce blow by.The whole thing bolts on the back of the carb via a mounting plate.
Hi Hagar, Thanks for the info. I guess the air pump and air injection is what seems to be the answer. But would that make the carb calif.emission controlled? You got to love Calif. for it's suck the life out of everything on engines.
sounds like the Positive Crank case Ventilation valve to me. I don't think you had an air pump. Do you see any signs of an air injection manifold tapped into the exhaust manifold?? How about an EGR valve?
I think it's about time to dig out the camera and let us see what you are working with.:cool:
225 never used EGR valves...

but a photo might help some others figure out what you are talking about
I would love to post some pic's of the jeep, but I have no idea how to get them from the camera to this web site. I have Limited knowledge of the computer so if anyone can tell me how to do this be kind and explain it so even I can understand it.

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