upgraded dash

upgraded dash


El Paso, Tx
1975 CJ5
Well happy to let you guys know that I upgraded the dash on my 75 CJ5 , installed aluminum tread plate cost about 40 bucks and did the work myself instead of paying 200- 300 bucks for a pre-made one. let me know what you guys think.
Looks great...did you use a plasma cutter or cutoff wheels and a grinder?

Im getting ready to dive into mine and havent decided if I should get one or not.
i used a drill to make a small hole then i used a jigsaw to make the circles, for the edges i used a circular saw with a grinder wheel.

Good Job! Looks great. Inexpensive and you did the work yourself. That's the way to do it. There's always more pride in the final product too.
No kidding, I didnt think of trying a jigsaw.

Were you tearing up blades a lot or did a good metal cutting blade stand up?
Nice job.

I used the stock as a templet and router with a carbide bit w/a guide bushing for the speedo hole. It's around 5-9/16".

Aluminum cuts fine with carbide. Even with a table saw.

Good Job man!

Think I'll do mine soon, and re-wire everything behind the dash at the same time... PO has it a little confusing... i think the only color wire he ever owned / used was red... :cool:

Looks like a Red maze...

Thanks guys, and I used a medium metal blade to cut the holes out with the jigsaw, i tried using the carbide bit with the guide for the holes but the bit shaft was to big for my drill so wasn't able to use it so I had to go old style with it. I'm about to get an upgrade on the 350 that was on when I bought it, now i'm gonna get a 383 stroker.
looks good man! i think i will try it some time soon. :drool:

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