vacuum diagram trouble

vacuum diagram trouble


Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
81 jeep CJ7 304, 4spd
2010 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport Hemi 4X4
hey everyone I'm new here, I have a 81 CJ7 304 4spd standard, I've recently swapped my engine because I over revved the old one, floated a valve and ended up with a giant hole in #2 piston. that being said I replaced it with a 304 from the junkyard, it runs and idles but backfires at idle, I think I screwed something up when attaching the vacuum lines. the engine has a edelbrock intake and 4brl carb non egr. I can't find a diagram anywhere, even the stock diagram would be helpful.

sorry if this has been posted already
Here you go. Not sure where I got this from but thanks to who ever originally posted it.

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