Vent Window Seal

Vent Window Seal


Chesapeake, VA
1983 CJ7 w/SBC 350 & 700R4 swap; 2001 Cherokee
I've got a set of older CJ doors with the lever style handles. I'm looking for replacement seals for the vent windows - the stationary type vent windows. Seals for the movable vent windows are available almost anywhere but the fixed vent window seals have proven to be difficult to find. My local dealers can no longer order the parts. Does anyone have a source for these seals?
Thanks for the link CJ.
I've left them an email inquiry. I hope NRC can help me out.

BTW, I've already contacted Fairchild Industries but they only offer the seals for the movable vents.
About the only thing I can suggest is take a sample with you and hit a junk yard - see if you can find a vehicle that has that type of seal or something that will work then adapt it...

The link I gave you is to the suppliers who make or have about every seal that is currently being manufactured! :(
From what I understand no one makes those seals. It was right about this time last year that I had started refurbing a set of the rotorary style doors (they still aren't done but that's another story). I called an put requests in to every single place I could find, no one has any.

I'm pretty sure a junkyard is your only option.
If you haven't found a set at the junkyard;


Now, I swear, that these things didn't exist last year. So, I'm putting a set on order right now.

And according to JC Whitney's website, "This product is guaranteed to fit or work with your 1978 Jeep CJ7 or your money back. No questions asked."
I haven't had a chance to get to the junkyard yet.

I did see that part on JCW. Those seals are made by Fairchild Industries:
Fairchild Industries :: Catalog

I must say they are the closest to what I'm looking for of all the seals I've seen but the bottom section of those seals just doesn't look right. They appear to be for the moveable vents. The other three sides look like they will fit - which is strange. The part that runs up the leading edge looks like a solid channel vice kinda split for the vent window to rotate. Maybe I'l order a set and if the three sides fit I'll either modify the bottom part or fab it from junkyard stock. Hey, a 3/4 solution is better than nothing.

EB - Did you order a set?
Yes I did. I ordered a set of those, and the 10 piece gasket kit. When they get here (I opted for the free 7-10 day shipping) from JCW I'll take pics and compare the old and the new side by side.
I’m looking forward to seeing the side by side pics.

Here are some pics of my old passenger side seal. Due to a lot of dry rot, the driver side seal didn’t survive the removal process. The close-ups of the bottom will give others an idea what has me concerned about the JCW/Fairchild seals. Notice how flat the bottom of the seal is. It also has a thin channel for the door sheet metal to ride in - the JCW pic doesn't look so flat. I hope I’m wrong and eb has stuck gold.

If anyone is looking to buy a set of CJ doors with the stationary vent windows and has plans to tear them down for reconditioning and painting, carefully consider the condition of the vent window seals before you plunk your cash down. Then again, I hope we can solve this problem on this thread and then there will be no worries.
Just in case you have not figured it out yet, the ones from JC Whitney will not work. They are for the vent windows that swivel open. Anyone find a set yet for the fixed windows?
I did, they were delivered on Friday. I've been so stinking sick these last couple days the boxes are sitting in the garage unopened. I'll get out there today and take some pics.
The set I got for JC Whitney was the wrong seals. Please let us know how yours turn out. I am still trying to figure out how to fabricate one for my drives door. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Elwood – sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

DS0623 – have you tried the junkyard route to see if you can scavenge something that would work? Will any part of the JCW seals work in the fixed frame?

If we can find suitable replacement candidates in the junkyard, those pieces will no doubt come from different vehicles and require bonding to form a single fabricated seal. Does anyone have a good recommendation on the best method to bond pieces of weather stripping together?
I am trying to convert a right side (from a junk yard find) to a left side by cutting off the base, turning it around, and reattaching it using some black rubber adhesive. I just can't believe no one out there makes these things anymore....
Hey guys. Sorry about not getting back to you sooner. I'm finally feeling a little better, stupid flu shot always makes me sick...

It was absolutely beautiful here today, so I skated out of work an hour early and got started painting my doors. DS0623 you are correct, the seals I recieved from JC Whitney are the seals for the movable vent windows. I don't know yet if I'm going to try and make them work, or if I'm going to stick with the old ones. The passenger side came out unscathed, but the drivers side ripped. I picked up another used one from a junk yard to replace it, but I haven't gotten to that point.

So, as far as I am aware of, no one makes replacement seals for the non-movable vent windows.
I have a set of rotary doors and just purchased some early YJ paddle doors. Spent lots of time on door repair.

Here is what I have found.

Door Edge Seal w/ Moveable Vent (Right or Left) 8134851

The description for this omix part is wrong. I have a set.

The movable vent windows have a dedicated left and right, and pivot opposite of one another.

These seals don't go anywhere I've seen. They are simply extruded faux-felt lined rubber seals, approximately 30 inches long, 11/16 base, with 3/8 H x 1/4 "J" felt lined side which form inward to the felt side when channel is put into place.

This part may fit the cj glass at the bottom and front but not along the divider with the roll-up window glass. It simply isn't long enough.

I haven't removed my fixed vent window, so I can't confirm it does fit.

You should however be able to use a scrap of old window guide channel, on the rear edge, which is readily available, and probably is getting replaced anyway if you are digging into the doors that deep.

Off to order some actual vent window seals now...

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