vin numbers

vin numbers


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1981 cj5 304 v8, 300 Dana,model 30 Dana and model 20 AMC rear end
Is there a way to tell what options came with your cj by any of the tags on the firewall. How can you tell by the numbers what the org paint was. I was able to figure motor etc by the vin but not what it had from the factory.
remember that is major options
a lot of stuff is not on there like appearance packages and dealer options
Sorry, but I'm new to Jeeps...

Okay, so I looked up my VIN on this site (
and its all good EXCEPT when I get to the engine code. According to the chart, it should be a 4,5,6 or 7. Mine is a '3'.

It does have an F-4 in it. Is the other engine mentioned a Buick V6 225 cu?

Thanks in advance....

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