So sorry to hear CJ
Do not try to get up, just let yout friend chuck take care of things, Remember wezzy from moving on up? She had a cure. Take care about spelling as your bowels may get you and stay in be relaxing and taking it all in. Rest well and we will spin things around here.
just trying to spread some cheer
You know Baja, I just don't think he is buying into the "cheer" thing.

CJ, go ahead and feel miserable, you earned it , take all the time you need.
Take comfort in the possibility that some one who has recently annoyed you will more than likely have it next week. What goes around comes around.:D
I recommend topping off a sour stomach with a nice warm greasy roast beef sandwich with mayonnaise and a side of cold onion rings.
laugh all you wan. sitting in the er with a fing tube in my arm. not cool! serisly/ its been a bad day.

posted from my droid.
Trust me I know your pain. Freaking KFC has sent me to the ER on a couple occasions.
Seriously, get better Scott
Good God I think I retrace my day and get the bastard that gave you that.Get Well we'll take care of any extra drinks that come your way.
gettin check out now - they make you exit in a wheel char. probably going to add 100 to th bill

posted from my droid.

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