Want more leg room in your cj5 or willys? Our project with pics!!

Want more leg room in your cj5 or willys? Our project with pics!!


Phoenix, az
73 cj5
  • Hi everyone. Here is a project we did that may interest you if you would like to have a little more leg room in your CJ5 or Willys. Naturally these small jeeps have very lil leg room and are hard to get in and out with the design of the door frame on the body. If you put aftermarket seats in it like racing style you may have the feeling like your legs are wrapped around the steering wheel, specially when your 6'6". We cut the rear wheel wells out a lil deeper behind the seats and welded up plates on the inside that looks like the original. This project allows our front seats to slide back about 3 additional inches and recline back further. We 1st tested to make sure there was no tire flex in the corner of the wheel well so not to limit any flex. I would advise you to do the same with your particular setup. We did have to fab the seat sliders to go back this additional amount also. All said and done this project was well worth it and not one person to date has noticed the mod unless you mention it to them. Below are some pictures. Thank you.
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