Weber 32 36 mileage

Weber 32 36 mileage


Cedar Rapids Iowa
1984 CJ7 only mod motorcraft 2bbl no emissions on it after a fire, 195? CJ3B project have not start on it yet
Okay this is for all that are running the weber 32/36 carb. What are you getting for MPG? Is getting close to 20 a joke? Heard both good and bad about Webers. I know that gears and tires make a big difference. I am getting 16/18 with the 2bbl i have now. Maybe wassting my time with the Weber. Thanks Dayle
I got 20mpg out of my Weber, turning 33's with 4.10's and a T5 tranny at the time.
Engine also had a hotter cam, TFI ignition and was de-smogged.
Okay, that sounds great. Was your weber stock out of box or did you change all the jets? If so, do you have that info. I would love to get any where close to 20 MPG. I have 1984 CJ7, stock 258, hei, NO smog, no computer, 4 speed, 31inch tires. Had a engine fire, rebuilder put weber on. Never did run rite. Took if off and put motorcrat 2100 on. Any info. would help. thanks Dayle
No. Right out of the box, the Weber sucks. I had to rejet to get the performance I needed. The Weber only requires around 3psi of fuel also...which is less volume then is provided by the mechanical pump. You can use a regulator to solve this.
There is a thread on here somewhere that someone mentioned the jets they's a fairly recent thread. I cant recall which jets I went with, it was a very long time ago.
Do you have locking hubs?
If so are they unlocked so the front axle freewheels?

And if memory serves the 32/36 is a progressive two barrel while the motorcraft 2100 is a simultaneous two barrel.
Yes, run the front hubs unlocked. Saves the front axle and gains about 1 to 2 mpg. as for the Weber, i am going to try to make it run again. This is the second time around. If it don't work this time, i will sell it. The last time i was still working, have more time to play with it this time. Good luck.
If i remember rite i have it set at 9 degrees. I just checked all the jets and put it back on. I have not even tryed to start it yet. It was sunny and 65 2 days ago, now it raining and 40. No heat in garage. Will wait till it warms up.

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