weber 34 DGEC

weber 34 DGEC


Gahanna Ohio
77 CJ7
So all these different models numbers are confusing me, from what i have read, this is proper size for a weekend warrior jeep with no engine modifications, only future mods i plan on doing are a header and possibly a flowmaster. My current 33 yr old carb is falling flat on its face at 50mph and just pretty much shutting down/starving for fuel, only had jeep driveable for 2 weeks and just left neighborhood for faster speeds and roadworthy testing. Will this carb be good choice?
Well I like mine and they really wake those old motors up, like it becomes a whole new jeep, but you will have to add the adapter plates to the intake manifold but its nothing big just make sure you use loctite on the bolts
What adapter plates do you refer to? This is the link to the quadratec site for what i plan to order. Do you see what the plates you refer to? I have a two barrel intake to replace the 1 barrel intake when i do this.
yea they're right beside the carb itself in the pic but they're nothin to put on all you do on the intake is remove the bolts that held the original carb on there, then the kit comes with 3 diff. types of bolts if i remember correctly, 4 of which are allen key bolts with large heads and the others are just simple threaded studs but you will have 2 plates, the first one will have the same bolt pattern as your intake and thats where you want to use the loctite, it uses the allen key bolts, and a key tip, if you experience a vacuum leak in between the first plate and the manifold just take the gasket that supposed to go between them off and use some high temp rtv silicone it should be red in place of the gasket, and then once you have that one on you simply take the second adaptor plate and the other 4 allen key bolts and secure that plate well then add the studs on the outer corners, and bolt the carb on, you may experience some difficulty in your throttle linkage tho, but what i did was if you take that solid throttle rod that is supposed to be used for the automatic tranny jeep, you can flip the little piece on the throttle of the carb where the linkage snaps on, once you flip it to the other side you can take that linkage and run it straight down to the bellhousing like the origional throttle linkage was set up, ill be sure to post a pic of all this if you have anymore questions, and i would order it straight from weber, i only paid 300 for mine and that got it shipped to my house in Ms from New York
Thanks, i just ordered one for 299$ w/free shipping, so will be tackling this in a week. i have an auto tranny so hopefully it will go smooth, i definately appreciate your help!!
Well finally got around to "installing" my weber 34dgec. I was definately in over my head trying to do this alone.I am extremely inexperienced at working on a vehicle. I change my oil LOL Took me approx 6-7 hours with several trips to the auto parts store and home depot. Once i got everything back together, i still have 2 vac hoses, one for brake booster and one coming from what i think is the charcoal canister not hooked up.I have one more fitting that i can attach one of the two to. It is a port on the bottom plate of the air cleaner. Not sure which or where these to need to be hooked in or T'd in. And then i have and metal line coming out of the intake that is not hooked up. But i did fire it up and she fired once up nicely to my suprise, i need to shorten the throttle linkage about 1/4 inch. It did idle somewhat high. I think partially due to the linkage not being short enough and not returning to complete idle and the fact its about 45 degrees in the garage. Tomorrow i will adjust the linkage properly and see what happens and let it come up to operating temps and see where i'm at if anything needs adjusted.

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