Weber Carb

Weber Carb


SW Washington
1943 GPW Stock
1982 CJ7, 151ci
Hi all,
My CJ7 has the 151ci 4 cylinder motor, the PO put a weber carb on it. It runs great and get good mileage. Now for the but. If I am on forward incline, parked or idling it wants to flood the stepper the worst it is.
Is there a fix for this or are these Webers a POS.
Any help would be apreciated, not much good to have a jeep that does'nt like going up hill.:mad:
How much of an incline are we talking about? Remember, it's still a carb :D

I ran a Weber on the original 4cyl that was in my CJ and it was "ok". Once I rejetted it, it was better, but it still had it's limitations...When I put the 4.2 in, I once again ran a Weber and had the same results.

The thing about Webers is they come over-jetted from the factory. I knew a Weber/Redline specialist personally that worked for the company for many years and (from the horses mouth) this was standard procedure.

You can adjust the float some to keep the bowl from loading up also.

There used to be an adapter plate that was angled to address this problem...I haven't seen one in years, but Im sure they're still around.
Thanks for the info CJim7:)
There is a guy in Vancouver that has a really good rep for carb work. I guess I'll look him up.
As far as incline, if you were in a flat parking lot with just enough build up for run off and parked with the nose up hill that would be enough. Any thing stepper it just gets worst.
Any ways thanks again.:notworthy:

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