Weber questions

Weber questions


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The wife's jeep has a Weber on the 4.2L. I called them to find out what model it is after I found a serial number tag. They told me they couldn't tell from the serial number, but since it was on a Jeep, it was a ????. They also said the model number was stamped in the base of the carb. I can't find any numbers other than the serial number. When I looked that number up, it was a Jeep conversion kit. My problem is the mix screw is all the way in, with no difference in the idle, she's smoking & the new pugs are coal black. From what I've read, the jets are too big, but I don't know where the jets are to check the size. I think they are the 2 brass screws in the rear. Anyone help me out? There's only one mix screw on he dr's side.
the jets are most of the time on carbs ive done inside the carb not sure on a weber. you will have to take it apart. most of the time weber will say you should run a regulator on it set at something like 3 to 3.5 i think.
PO redid the entire fuel system. Holley pump, etc. I'm being told it's the float level or the jets. I don't now enough about these carbs to be comfortable working on them w/o some guidance.
I think you need a regulator on the fuel line.I just sold a Weber 32/32 I think and it did not look anything like your Carb.
Tired of messin' w/ it. MC2100 here I come.
I have heard from many reliable sources about the fuel pressure regulator. From what I understand, the seal on the inlet of the carb is very weak on a weber and if your fuel pump pumps around 5 or 6 psi ( average press on regular pump ) it bypasses the seal and runs way to rich, i think around 3 psi is about right

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