Weber setting

Weber setting


Cedar Rapids Iowa
1984 CJ7 only mod motorcraft 2bbl no emissions on it after a fire, 195? CJ3B project have not start on it yet
Okay I know this has been subject has been beat to death but what am i doing wrong. I have a Weber 32.36 that i set as follows. Mains are 145's, the idles are 60's, air jets are 160. I can get it to idle but if you rev. it up only goes so far before it runs rough. To get it to idle i have to have the air adj. out 4 turns. Put in a 75 idle jet won't idle at all. Elev. is 847 so that should not matter. I pulled off a MC 2150 that was funning fine, just poor mileage. any ideas? Thanks Dayle

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