What did you and your CJ get this year?

What did you and your CJ get this year?

elwood blues

Always Off-Roading Jeeper
Export, PA
1978 CJ7 4.2L Comp Cam & valve train, MC2100 carb, MSD ignition, Dana 30 front, T18 trans, Dana 20 txfr, AMC 20 rear.
I'm in the middle of a top half engine rebuild, so the Golden Eagle has been getting lots of "gifts" from me for the last month or more.

However, my wife bought me a grant wood steering wheel (and adapter) that I've been drooling over for months and months, and a #2 & #10 pool balls for the tranny and tcase.


My kids got me a new dark blue Jeep hoodie.


So, what did you guys get
That is a great looking wheel! Is it actual wood? Not plastic? If so - you scored!

~ SantaCJ dropped off an Invertig221 welder ~

Heck yes it is, real walnut, my wife's awesome

Grant Steering Wheels

Diggin' the TIG welder, I need to (re)learn how to weld in general first though
The 8 got OME 3" lift yj springs, and for New Years she'll get some new shoes. I just have to try and remember to take pics along the way.
Mom got me a new 3.73 R&P with bearings for the rear and my transfer case got the 4 to 1 gears and the 32 spline outputs :chug:
the kids got me a nice black dale jr hoody and the jeep was bad and got nothin :(
Got a Master pull rope for the winch and some new HID lights to go along side. :drool:
Quadratec molded floormats, bikini top and brandnew LED brakelights. And I couldn't forget the crapload of Jeep clothes I got!

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