What did you do to or with your CJ today?

What did you do to or with your CJ today?
Is there enough play in the straps to attach it to the roll cage

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There is, but you will reduce the storage capacity. The more tools the fatter the roll the more strap take up.

Got my ram assist working, still have some tidying up to do on the hoses

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Friday was indeed good.
Sure is

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Yeah a shot like that and I’m thinking a beer commercial or something.
I went shopping today, whew my credit card is on fire46fd211e017430c691ff391e9d7fd5a9.jpg
But she looks good all loaded up

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Not a Jeep but I've been building a frame for a 68 GTO convertible.f23764e39e3f09e07c026a21c491565c.jpg2bb11b3257fde4af4c2c71ee1872d781.jpga49c33f24a4e5ad781f425ec77db42fc.jpg737b111640fdca6ff33515bd852077ec.jpg1ba17f745a68feb96dc301089b1fc903.jpg8c1021e6f89e348a48876c5fb249dbb2.jpg6794956fba0276d868c93a7df10f96f8.jpg0da97e7a9ab037de9c60da2eceffbc22.jpg7232c70a3efa853a0a586ac189f53f6e.jpgb7fd89f8d7840773655e7ec131cd01d8.jpg562e3562efbb932e12506894cb4959a0.jpg

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Man 35-10.5 looks very right on a CJ

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It was 65 here today hence the door on the garage open and the Jeep hooked up to the trailer hauling Jeep parts

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Rear suspension done almost ready for the motor cb101068fe8fb105926b4fa4f9dd1f10.jpg8a71b4426431574b48d9abd5b5ff257c.jpg3b6d5a792594a9e1dd1c94f8f74f357a.jpg7d436e73178d1ef98132828dc338b2de.jpge7c7b09c8dab1df3414c744d33eb5f28.jpg

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This one is a bit late... I pulled the cover off and endured some of the heaviest rain I've driven in for a long time to spend a day at the Vintage 4x4 Expedition. It's for 4x4's older than CJ7's but a bunch of us came up anyway and were welcomed.

Old Blue grew a pair of boobs this afternoon.

That solved the rattles in the Kayline tire carrier. It would have been a 15 minute job had not it needed those spacers. Those turned into an hour whittling job in the shop. The bump stops were JK items and then I had them on my 3B for a bit before I came up with a better engineering solution for it so they were just bench occupiers.

Of course we had to take it for a test run. All of these are on our own place, some of the Forest Service easement road.



Sure is pretty country. I need to go visit my friend up in Wyoming.
Tomorrow is taking the top off day. It will stay off until after Thanksgiving

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