What do you think

What do you think
On the 4.0 head swap there are several ways to go with the cooling passages. I prefer the one using the pipe plugs threaded into the passages or welded. Those others using epoxy worry me.

Oh one more thing price out your rebuild, sometimes your better off just buying a new engine and they run something like 1700 or less even through 4wd or quadratec.
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Mulled it over in my head for a while and decided to just keep it stock; head included. With all the pains that have been taken to restore this CJ correctly, I just can't bring myself to do the head swap. I will upgrade the ignition because the original might have been "messed up" when removed and change the carb if/when it poops the bed.

I appreciate the input from all of yall on this engine, but the stroker will be saved for the next one!:chug:
I got the engine back fromt the machine shop today.:banana::banana:

They got the crank and pistons installed along with the usuall machining and new freeze plugs and all. It was bored 60 over and the crank was turned a little too, i didn't ask how much. (Machinist said the engine wasn't as bad as it looked after it got cleaned up.) They also installed the new cam, stock lift, and timing chain along with rebuilding the head. It looks great painted black; is there another color!;):chug:

I almost forgot the questions in my excitement!

1. Since I forgot to take them the pushrods and rocker arms, they didn't get vatted.:( I started cleaning them today and I'm a little nervous that they will be the wrong length now. They look tired like the rest of the replaced parts. Is it recommended to replace these when the engine is rebuilt?
2. The new melling oil pump is not quite fitting the pickup tube that was on the old pump. I had to drill a new hole to get the bolt back through the bracket, no problem with that. Then, was test fitting the oil pan and it was hitting the screen on the bottom. Again, not a problem. Little tweak with the large channel locks and it fits like a glove; the pan that is. Where the tube goes into the pump, it seems to be a loose fit to me. Is this normal? Is there suppossed to be sealant used on this connection?

Sorry for the long post. Feel free to call answers #1 or #2 if necessary.

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