What ever happened to Customer Service

What ever happened to Customer Service


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I ordered some parts for the CJ, overdue. Got them in the mail, no problem except one part didn't fit.
Called customer service, set up return/replacement. Have to return old part (even though they agreed it was wrong in the package) before they will ship the new one. This is on Thursday night, 2 weeks ago, so weekend is shot as Jeep is down.
Return part, they get it in house Monday AM. Thursday evening, I call them, nope, part is just sitting there, replacement not sent out, but informed it will go out last Friday. Call again on Friday, same guy tells me "it went out today, you should have it Monday." So another weekend - no Jeep. Today I get home from work, still no part. Call company back, told nope, part just arrived from supplier today, and my part shipped this morning. Tell them, prove it went out. Email with tracking number shows it went out 30 minutes prior to my call, not this morning. Suppose to be here this Friday, but not holding my breath.

Most likely, now be the 3rd weekend without the Jeep, due to a National company not really caring about the customers. Only thing they said when I asked them about the delay? Sorry, nothing we can do! :mad:

End of rant.

(and most likely end of my purchases from this company)
Sounds eerily familiar. That kinda :dung: really irks me. Your not only paying for the product , your paying for a quality transaction. Hey mistakes happen but :dung: like that is ridiculous.
I just had a very slow shipping experience with Quadratec. Parts have been arriving, but took a better part of a week to get a portion of order shipped. Then was informed that a part they said they had in stock was drop shipped from the manu. Been a long wait.
Been waiting on my rocker panel for three weeks or better from Quadratec.
It has me stuck because I cant line any floor pans up without it. Everything else they sent has only been taking about two to three days.
So far I have only ordered from 4wd and Quadratec. Quadratec shipping has been night and day compared to 4wd service. I should have went with them had it not been for one little part that 4wd didn't carry. I didn't really like Quad's dollar based shipping prices. I may feel different about that after I have to order something heavy.
2nd seal arrived today. WRONG AGAIN!!!:mad:

Call customer service. Now, after 3 weeks, they tell me they have been getting bad batches of seals from Crown! So they know there is a problem, but ship the part without checking it.
The offer to me, after 3 weeks with no windshield in my CJ? A $10 off certificate on my next order. But I am also out the shipping on the part, so works out to about $7. They can keep it.

And for those that asked. Company is 4WD.

My biggest complaint is the fact they lied to me.
1] Telling me it was shipped when they didn't even have one in stock (replacement one)
2] Telling me they would make sure it was the right size.
3] Not telling me when they knew there was a supplier problem when I sent the first one back.

All right. Done ranting. Ordered one from Quadratec (Who informed me they get them from a different supplier). Going to take the time this weekend to do some other work on vehicles and relax.

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