what is the difference

what is the difference


74 cj5 all stock...for now
i have seen a model change between 75 and 76. the only thing i can think of is the lengths are the same they just went with wider springs. please let me know.
I think the CJ got a longer hood in '76 to give a bigger engine compartment.
that dont make no sence cause i can stick a 12 valve cummins under the hood of the 74 and have room for the full fan and radiator
I think the CJ got a longer hood in '76 to give a bigger engine compartment.

The CJ5 was stretched 3” in 1972 from the previous years to accommodate the AMC I6 motors and remained unchanged until its demise. The CJ7 began production in 1976 which added 10” to the length of the CJ5 frame; also in 1976 the CJ tubs and windshields were changed for the final time. The frames on the 1972 to 1975 CJs are a “C” channel while in 1976 & up they were boxed. The spring were widened and flattened in 1987 with the start of the Wrangler to make it a more stable vehicle.
The frame widens in rear, starting under the front body mounts. Also boxed.

75- Dana 44 rear
76+ AMC20

The 76+ windshield angles back more than the 75-

Dash lay out is different.

75- has a storage compartment under the passenger seat.

Hood and front clip are the same. (72-79 for sure)

Disk brake became available 76+

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