whats a good carb to replace my carter bbd

whats a good carb to replace my carter bbd


santa rosa ca
85 cj7 258 manual big project
i wanna replace this dang carb so whats a good replacement? im in ca so i have all the smog laws
I installed the Howell Cal kit for 4.2 on my CJ7. I went to the emissions tech center they got happy and I passed the emissions. First time. I can say the kit is nice. My jeep runs better than ever. It was a good choice for me and worth the expense. :chug:
Ya, scratch the Weber, it's not smog legal in California.
1, Rebuild the Carter, drill out the idle tubes to .032" they plug with crystals... its a common issue and a common fix. There are lots of write ups.

1b,... Do the TEAMRUSH Cap upgrade, ground the igntion modual black wire on harness side, ground your head. Aux grounds block, head, firewall, dash, grill, frame, starter are all great things to do for our old rust cj bodies. Will help your pep by 20% or so... well worth it

2, go fuel injection, use approved list stuff.

Calf, you will be tested, so follow their rules.
Does Cali do spot checks???

I've often wondered about that. If not, what's to keep you from passing smog with your BBD, and then swapping on a 2100 or Webber until it comes time to bow before the liberals again? It's not like it takes a long time to swap out carbs if you have all the linkage parts.

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