whats your other car?

whats your other car?


Dallas Tx
!978 CJ5
Didnt see a thread like this so figured id start one.... I know some of you may use the jeep as a daily, but what other cars do you have?
for me it goes like this

2001 Hyundai Elantraa - gas saver bitch

2003 Nissan Frontier- dog food getter

2006 Maxima- daily bitch

1978 Jeep CJ5- Not sure what to call it yet..

2001 C5 Corvette- My baby

1994 Ford escort- The turbo charged poopie box, 300+hp

2003 silverado- Daily/show truck

2001 Chevy police tahoe on air bags --just a toy

and my 07 king quad for kicks





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With that many vehicles, do you have Fleet Insurance?

1978 CJ7 Golden Eagle & 2001 XJ sport

Re: whats your other car(s)?

Hmmmm, fleet insurance might be the way to go for me as well... cause it ain't cheap for the pre-80 vehicles to insure them for what they are worth...

1976 CJ5 Mine
1976 CJ5 Wifes
1978 CJ7
2005 Dodge Ram CTD
1971 Cuda - project
2006 4-runner (wife's daily)
2008 civic (commuter)
1978 CJ7 Golden Eagle & 2001 XJ sport


Nice Golden Eagle edition.

1949 Chevy 5-Window Pickup
1947 Harley Flathead 45

2005 Harley FLHT (anyone recognize the trailer in the background?)

Tow rig is a 1996 Tahoe (doubles as wife's DD)
Daughter drives a 1995 S10 Blazer

Son drives a 1989 YJ
As of right now I have:
82 CJ7 - DD for now
03 Suzuki DRZ 400 (tagged dual sport bike)
09 grand caravan - wifey and kid mobile
67 Rustang Fastback - one day she'll drive...

RIP Rally Jeep (was also my DD) - clunkered my 90 XJ Limited for the wifey's new whip, drove it into the dealer with no windows, stripped interior, 2 flat tires, blown rear main, and the oil pan barely hanging on, sloshed oil all across the parking lot.... I wasn't kidding about the RALLY part, she saw more air time than the general lee and still got me to work everyday. bought her for 500 and got 4500 for her plus 3500 more from dodge and still got cash for all the interior parts I stripped, best deal I ever made.
I'll be getting a few more... one to keep nice, one to destroy, and the others for parts...
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And by the bike doesnt that make him the camera man that the helmet was airbrushed for on Muscle Car? Just a guess. :D
Isn't that the trailer they built on Extreme?
Isn't that the trailer they built on Extreme?

Yes, that is the trailer from Extreme. It is sitting in their parking lot in that photo.

And by the bike doesnt that make him the camera man that the helmet was airbrushed for on Muscle Car? Just a guess. :D

Nope! They are SouthWest of Nashville in TN, I am North of Detroit, MI. Wish I worked down there.
Thanks iCEMAN :chug:
More than welcome, always liked that model.
'03 Grand Cherokee Overland
'06 Subaru Imprezza
Just Sold '91 Lotus looking to buy Porsche 930, or 964 RS America, or Lotus Elise, or a buy a Miata and do this to it. Flyin' Miata : V8 conversions : turnkeys and tradeins
I'm almost 60 and have never been without a sportscar for more that 6 months in the last 40 years. I need to go to rehab!

Oh and a '59 Airstream 18 ft trailer for camping fun.
Well, I already fessed up to the Prius.
02 Dodge 2500 Cummins TD 76900mi - almost broke in
Really, the Prius is kind of fun to drive-pretty good zip- but I still get a pucker when the engine shuts down at a stop light.
Let go of my '75 Honda Goldwing a few weeks ago.
07 Chevy Silverado 4 door 4X4
07 Ford Mustang (Wife's)
83 CJ7
68 C10 Stepside (Future project)

The 68 maybe the next project depending on cash flow. For now, the CJ is still sucking up any extra cash that's still around along with any available garage space.
79 CJ5 (ours) love to beat on

03 honda accord never breaks good on gas (mine)

00 honda civic same as above (hers)
1969 Dodge Charger rt/se 440 500hp (work in progress)
2005 Ram 3500 dually Cummins 6 speed
04 mustang
04 excusion
0? maxima
9? box truck
3 motorcycles
another jeep that was stolen and is probably in a scrap yard
1995 Jeep wrangler mud buggy in working progress

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