wheel offset

wheel offset


South Jersey (yea, someone has to)
79 CJ7... 258 motor... T-18 trans... Dana 20 case... Dana 30 w/ lockrite... AMC 20 w/ detroit and 1 piece axles.
Hope this is the right forum for this post. I just picked up a set of wheels on craigslist, but want to make sure they will work on my '79 CJ7 before I pay to have my new tires mounted on them. The rims were bought for an older F150. The rims are 15 x 8 and I know the bolt pattern what I need (5 x 5 1/2) but not sure about the offset. The wheels are new in the box and they read "Outlaw I, style AR61, size 15 x 8, P.C.D 5 x 5.5, offset -19mm". The tires are Dunlop Radial Mud Rovers. 33 x 12.5 x 15. I was hoping to get them mounted today, but want to make the offset is ok for my jeep before laying out the $$. Thanks for your help.... anyone looking for a good set of 31 x 10.5 x15 Trailriders ??? ...lol
Compare the backspacing on both wheels (current and new).


Then you'll be better suited to know... Also check the fender well clearance on your current setup. Then a few calculations and you'll be able to tell.

Can you tell us what the numbers are?
Thanks CJ
The backspacing is 3.75. I had them mounted yesterday, but needed new lugs, as my previous wheels are steel and the new wheels have a conical seat for the lugs. My local parts store only had 12 lugs, so I installed the front two wheels last night. They look good, and I checked the steering lock to lock and they do not rub and they are even with the fenders on the outside so I guess I'm ok :) My other 8 lugs are supposed to be here this morning and I will finish the install. What a difference they make !!! She looks good now... before with 4" of lift and 31 x 10.5's she reminded me of a DJ postal jeep... lol. THanks again for your time and I will post a before and after pic later today.
Great to hear that! Happy to hear they work and we would love to see all the photos!

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