Which is the best one pice axle for a AMC20?

Which is the best one pice axle for a AMC20?


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Hello everybody. I´ll upgrade my AMC20 axle for doing real offroad. I think the AMC20 is better than the Dana 44, cause the AMC20 has the thicker axle housing.

Now a few questions: I now have the wide track AMC20 with 2,73 ratio (`1986 California air pollution model). I´ll drive with 33" wheels and bought a 4,11 ratio, also a OX locker upgrade with the big ARB air compressor. Only air, no steel cable. (Engine 360 AMC, T-150 and Dana 20)
I´m looking for one pice axles. Which are the best? Moser, Yukon? I need some good informations and help. Thanks and a happy new year:)
IMO Moser or Superior are the best.
I know people who have had good luck with Yukon in other axles
but don't know anyone running them in the 20 so can't say for sure.
I have the Moser axles in my cj and am happy with them.
However pay attention when you are doing the install, or when changing seals in the future. Once you upgrade the only thing keeping the shaft in the tube is that bearing, and the press on ring that's next to it.
I have superiors in my wide trac AMC20. I have 4.10s and the trac lok. I have 33 inch x 12.5 Kevlar MTRs, T-176, and Dana 300. The superior axle shafts have been great so far. Hoping to lock it up or run a true track LSD in it at some point.
I've had my Moser's for 15 years now with no complaints.
Just installed Superior Axles on my 85'. Fairly easy if you have a press and take your time. Got them for a great price, the only beef I was never told they were backordered and waited 4 weeks.:mad:
I installed the G2 one piece axles, they seem to be working just fine. I have the inline 6, sorry don't know what gears.

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I thought Superior was bought out by an overseas company or crown???
I bought Moser back in 1995 and still have them. Very nice set.

thanks a lot for your helpful answers. Now I ordered MOSER. Waiting about 6 weeks for shipping to Germany.:rolleyes:
But no problem. Good things should wait :)
Ok folks, I've been doing some major research, looking over countless threads on all the forums and I've narrow my search down to Superior or Moser. In fact I was going to order my Moser one piece shafts today for my AMC20. So one thing I haven't found out was the difference in the warranty between the two companies before I made a purchase. What I found shocked me.

So, I ask why you folks choose the one piece axles you did? I can clearly not go by what warranty they provide so I need another good reason for one over the other. I'm thinking maybe just the price?
Yes I read that today. If you look it saids nothing about the 29 splines that the 81-86 Cj wide tracks have.

Moser Engineering, Inc. will, at its’ sole discretion replace or repair, free of cost, any part found not to be of ordered dimensional specifications, prior to assembly or use of the part.
In addition, Moser Engineering, Inc. will replace their 33, 35, & 40 spline axles for a period of ten (10) years after the original date of purchase if broken at the splined end due to excessive horsepower. However, 33 spline axles that were broken due to excessive horsepower will be replaced at the sole option of Moser Engineering, Inc., with 35 spline axles. In the event that 35 spline axles are broken due to excessive horsepower within ten (10) years of purchase, they will be replaced at the sole option of Moser Engineering, Inc., with 40 spline axles.

Then it contradict itself saying they still have the right to refuse a claim if broken due to HP.

Superior on the other hand will only warranty manufacturer defects. I am cool with that. No weird language and a bunch of paragraphs hiding their true intentions. They cover what they make. Once you install and it fails they will replace if it fails because of the metal or workmanship.

Just wondering what swayed folks to one or the other. The warranty is pretty much none existence. Maybe I'm interpreting it wrong. I called Moser and got a machine. I will call again tom...
I believe it's not always about the warranty. I have a friend that broke an axle last year that had a 10 year warranty (not either one of these co.) They gave him a real hard time about replacing it and told him he would not get another one for free.
You also noticed what superior said, I'm sure Moser would also warranty theirs if they found it to be a defective and not broke because of abuse.
I'll buy either Superior or Moser simply because I know they are both well made can take alot of abuse and made here in the USA.
You also have to remember that Moser mostly deals with race cars, thats why they talk about HP breakage.
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Hmm, thanks. That's the kick in the *** I needed... :chug:

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