Which transfer case for this swap?

Which transfer case for this swap?


Wildomar Ca
1983 CJ7
258 6CYL T-5 Tranny
I see quite a few people have completed successful swaps so I thought I'd ask for some advise. I purchased a 5.7 liter TPI and 4L60 out of a 1989 corvette to swap into my 83 CJ7. I believe the stock transfer case is an Atlas?? (It is currently at a shop and I didn't check) It has a pretty significant leak which would need to be fixed. My question is do I spend the $300+ from Advance adapters to adapt it to this application or purchase a chevy transfer case that will bolt up? I appreciate your input on the pros and cons.
An Atlas transfer case never came stock in any vehicle. It is strictly aftermarket. Your Jeep should have a Dana 300 transfer case. Since you have to replace the output shaft in the tranny to fit any transfer case, just get the adapter for the 4L60 to Dana 300.
The stock Dana 300 in your Jeep was the best they put in a Jeep keep it :chug:
:agree: Can't go wrong with the Dana 300.
Thanks for the responses. Sorry for the delay. Just got it back from the shop. It is a Dana 300. Guess I'll get gasket/seals from Quadratec $15.99.
I am concerned however that with the 5.7 liter/4l60 and now an adapter that the rear drive shaft is going to be very short. Has this been an issue with those who have done this already?
Thanks again.
Considering Jeep at one point put a TH400 in CJ7's, which is longer than a 4L60, you will be fine. Your rear drive shaft will be short, but not that short. Mine is 17", my front is 42". I also have half a NP231 in front of my D300 behind a TF727. I measured, and I can easily fit a 4L60E in there and only be about a half inch longer. Novak has the shortest adapter.
Thanks for the info. Did you use the Novak adapter? Did you do anything to change the angle of the driveshaft? I was speaking with someone who did a similar conversion and his driveshaft vibrated very badly at freeway speeds. He said he had a new driveshaft built with CV joints to replace the U joints and the problem went away. Sorry for all the questions. I really want to get this right the 1st time.
I haven't put the 4L60 in yet, just measured to check if it would fit. You will need a CV (double cardan) rear drive shaft and you will more than likely need to cut off the rear axle spring perches and put new ones on so you can adjust the pinion angle. CV drive shafts use different geometry than a single cardan drive shaft.
Turns out my tranny is a 700R4, 1989. I'll look into the CV joint drive shaft. I've heard folks also put spacers in the cross member tranny mount to lower it some to reduce the angle. Not sure if I want it any lower.
a way to save money is can the 2wd 700r4 for a 4wd version and use the factory adapter. the dana 300 has the same pattern as a 208/231/241. you can buy a new input from AA for about $100 i think and you just need to redrill the holes to clock it where you want. that is what i did in my CJ8 and clocked it so it was flat.

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