Why do the electrical gods hate me?

Why do the electrical gods hate me?


Out West
1970 cj5 225 V6 stock and a warn overdrive. Its green
My 70 225v6 CJ5 will not fire for the life of me. Key turns, motor spines, nothing happens. I have new plugs, points, cap and rotor. Everything else is stock that i can tell. No spark at the coil. SOS. :wtf:
Did you use a dwell meter to set the points?

Did you short the points to the distributor?

Do you have 12v at the coil with the key on?

Could be just about anything. Kinda like telling the Dr you hurt.
I have seen a lot of engines not start due to the distributor being turned 180 degrees.
Start with the basics.
Do you have 12V at the + side of the coil with the key on?
When you manually separate the points, is there a spark?
Is the rotor in the distributor and properly set?
is the spark plug gap good on good condition plugs?
Is the rotor pointing at the #1 plug on the top of the compression stroke?
are the plug wires in the correct order?

report back with these answers and we can go from there.
And the gremlins have been removed. Who knew that a lousy dis cap could stop me cold. Thanks for the help.:chug:

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