Why is it?

Why is it?


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1976 CJ 5, 232 6cyl 3spd lots of rust,good frame,Dana 44s w/373 gears,ProComp 4in lift kit
Put on a set of KC lights on the front of the Jeep today after work.Evrything went good.Got the lights mounted wires run to the relay and to the battery.Got the switch on the inside ready to mount.then I realize I have no red wire long enough to go from the switch to the relay.Little things like this always seem to happen when I start a "simple job" after work.
Heck I will just have to finish tomorrow night.:chug:
Finished up tonight. No problems. Just seems anything simple turns into a 2 day deal
Dude, I say that ALL the time! Sometimes you think it is a 10 minute job and it takes an hour.

This last week I was taking out the master cylinder and the freaking cotter pin on the plunger broke when trying to straighten it to come out so it had a bit still turned out so it wouldn't move. Tried to pull it out from the fold end and that bent too. What should have been a two minute job to get that thing out took 45. The rest of the job went easy but that freaking cotter pin though.
You guys are not alone, I can turn a simple project into an all day one real quick :D. It always starts with a simple broken piece like that cotter pin or I need one more nut I don't have or something that drags it out.

Not to mention, I start on several other projects at the same time and once I get going the problems multiply like rabbits!
Nothing has broken on my Jeep in almost six months. It's been so long, it's just starting to get creepy feeling, at this point. I have that "other shoe is about to drop" feeling.:confused:
The really cool thing about those 2 min jobs that turn into 2 hours is that they have such a soothing effect on your nerves and temper:censored:and then when your temper is reallllly supppper "calm" and you slip off the wrench and bloody your knuckles, ohhhh ya that is when it really gets fun:censored:. That is when the work quits and the bud comes out...:chug:

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