Wiper Motor

Wiper Motor


Austin, TX
'73 CJ5 with '84 258, D30/D44
I purchased a new windshield wiper motor but it didn't come with any directions or a wiring diagram. It would normally be a plug-n-play but I'm wiring it to an aftermarket switch and I can't figure out what goes where. It's got a black, a red, and a green wire. Anyone have an idea of which wires go to what? ground, lo switch, hi switch?
Be very careful with this motor. IIRC, the original leads are all hot. The motor is grounded through the frame.

One lead is for the park mode and the other two are for low and high speed.

The way it works is that when running the motor in low or high, one of the leads are hot (could be both), and when the motor is turned off (return to the park position), one of the leads is hot and will stop when the contacts hit the null position.

I can take my motor apart if the diagram doesn't help you.
Great diagram but it doesn't really help since I'm wiring it to a toggle switch on a panel from the 12Volt guy. Just knowing that all wires are hot helps a bunch. I just need to find out which go to what especially the park wire. I'm guessing that one should be the black wire but who knows. Thanks CJ!
If you can wait until tomorrow afternoon, I can check my wiring with my DVM. I can then confirm what I posted.
Got it! The black wire is the park, green is lo, and red is hi. Too easy. Thanks CJ!

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