Wiring Harness????

Wiring Harness????


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So painless sells them for like $450.00 and EZ Wiring sells them for $185.00....Why in the world would anyone pay that much more money for a harness. Could there really be that big of a difference???:chug:
Painless is overpriced, yes. But they may have a little better product?
I have a Painless harness sitting on the shelf waiting on me to get the body done. But I already know most of my wiring will be custom anyways, so I'm undecided weather to use it as a base or not.
Used a painless. It was labeled, loomed, pre terminated and all the instructions you can imagine. Highly recommend
It's like everything else these days, you get what you pay for.
take a fast wiring lesson and do it your self know our jeep it helps
You in the Lone Star Jeep Club? I am; just wondering.

I installed Painless wiring when I did my frame off. I also used it for my 5.0L engine harness. It's fast, and painless.

Don't think it's indestructable; you still can't pull on the wires with the connectors or they will come apart. Also, the harnesses do not contain ALL the leads you may need for your application. I have added these to the harness as I need them. But, it is a turn key solution.

Bottom line, if you want to save time, buy this. Everyone knows electrical takes time, if you do it right, and don't want a bird nest. Someone said, you get what you pay for too; this is true.

I am still running it after 10 years with no issues.

good luck!
You in the Lone Star Jeep Club? I am; just wondering.

Nope, not in the lone star jeep club. I actually called up E Z Wiring and asked them why go with them and not painless and why is there harness a lot cheaper, the response I received from them was nothing is different the only reason are harness is cheaper is because we are the manufacturer painless distributes out so they have to pay for advertisement etc.

So who knows I was hoping to find people that some have used this one some have used the other lol. We will see.

Thanks everyone :chug:
Ok, So now i'm positive that Centech Wiring Harnesses have the best deal....I think Painless is a rip off and E Z is to much work. If you don't know of them they have really awesome deals check it out.

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