Wiring HE!!

Wiring HE!!


South Carolina
1973 Cj5 71 AMC 360 4 spd Manual Front & Rear lockers,
1999 F250 extended cab 5spd Triton V10
Okay when I bought my cj I knew it had issues (many which I took care of). I knew the wiring wasn't good, but that was the biggest underestimate i've ever made. I've purchased two jeep manuals to help me along the process of wires. Neither of them have helped much at all. If anyone has or can tell me where to find a diagram of where all these wires should go I would greatly appreciate. I had taken it to a shop to get the wiring fixed b/c i wasn't sure I could handle it myself and they actually made it worse. When it went to the shop it was atleast running, now it won't crank. I'm going to try and take pics of the wiring debacle tomorrow, bc I'm at work tonight. The wiring is about to make me pull the short hairs I have on my head out. It is all spliced and reconnected and unhooked. I don't even have a fuse block hooked up to the wires. The wires that are hooked up have a fuse attached directly to the wires. Any advice without having to spend the 479.99 on a painless would be greatly accepted. I'm going to save up to the painless. But would love to enjoy the old girl during the spring.
Man if you don't even have a fuse block you my just have cough up the $$$ for a painless or see if you can get all the wires out of one being parted out. Sounds like a real mess to me good luck.
73 had in-line fuses. No fuse block.

I junked a 75CJ5 and swapped in the whole harness years ago. Must nicer.

You might try finding a newer year harness. Theyre out there.

Painless is convient but $480 will buy a lot of wire and a darn nice fuse block.

As far as the wiring diagram-Goggle Images for year and 'cj wiring diagram'. Many out there for the looking.

Look at the 73 and 75. You will see the difference.
I just bought a fuse block for 15 bucks at the local auto shop and enough wire to run every wire new for under a hundred bucks. This thing may be the death of me but will start on it soon.

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