Wobble in spindle

Wobble in spindle


South Carolina
1980 CJ5 304V8 (Fun), 2003 F150 Supercrew (Family)
I was replacing the disc rotor on the front end of my CJ. The rotor was lose where the hub had pulled out from the studs (rattling) and the spindle moves up and down easily. Seems to be play in the axle?

I did the passenger side with no issues.

Any ideas.....

1980 CJ5
304 V8

I'm not exacy clear with the description, but it sounds like your wheel bearings shot.
The entire hub assy with the rotor has been removed and the threaded spindle is what is moving (thunking) up and down.

The bearings and racers within the hub seem to be fine.

If not clear then I'll post a pic
that part of the spindle is held on by 6 or 8 nuts, the bolts come threw the back like a lug stud. did you try to tightin those.
could also be a bad spindle bearing.

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