WTF? sealant will not cure!

WTF? sealant will not cure!


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I used some copper gasket sealant on the oil pan and after 2 days it is still not setting and can still wipe it with my finger. set up the first time last week and had to scrape off when I replaced the rear main seal. what gives really do not want to pull the pan again, Wait a few more days because it's been wet and rainy out even I don't ever remember that being a factor before. :mad:
you should be able to use just black rtv.
Dale normally I would have but had some of the copper stuff and it cured just fine the first time I used it but this time it is acting like it will not? :confused:
And I really don't want to pull the pan again :mad:
I am by no means a professional at all. You said it was wet and rainy? Do you think the humidity could be doing something with it? I would try it again, and set it in a garage or somewhere away from mother nature for the time being.
yea was inside garage when i installed pan and come to find out the sealant had been frozen and I guess that will somehow cause it not to cure. Have pulled pan and am waiting for time to put pan and water pump back on.

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