yet another hardtop thread!

yet another hardtop thread!


kansas city kansas
1973 amc cj-5 / 304 v8 / t15

kelly hardtop and doors

bone stock
so who can tell me the origin of my top and doors?

as i can only find a few pics and almost no information about them...

I'll get back to you tomorrow. I have a couple useful threads for ya. Just cant look them up now.
I'm going to have to do a little digging as well. The name Meyers comes to mind, but I'm not 100% positive. I'm going to have to get back to you too.
thanks guy! ive been looking... ive found a few that look a little something like mine... but only a few pics

no actual information
Just from looking at your doors, they most resemble the Koenig top.
and here ive been wondering why the doors didnt mimic the shape of the body - so you can have a full size window and it can roll all the way down! [yes, i feel really stupid]
I don't believe it's a Koenig, but it's possible it a variation in their design.
Pic's I've seen of a Koenig top has a sloped down front, not completely flat on top.
But I have found some that have flat tops but couldn't get a definitive answer as to
it being a Koenig top.
I'll dig around.
I had one like that on my 65 CJ with the square doors and the leading edge of the top stuck out forward of the windshield. No clue what make it was. It almost looks 'postal'

Meyers did manage to have a shaped door were it matched the opening but still allowed room to roll the windows down. My fiberglass top just has a sliding window and I miss the roll down window.

Here is an interesting CJ5 Top thread:
Picture request, CJ5s with ACME hardtop

it started out for Acme tops but went on from there...
was it a full window like mine or a little small one?

cause i havent seen the full square windows that roll all the way down and follow the tub

oh well - ive seen lots of hardtops, never this exact one where the top sticks forward

im looking at getting a quality soft top for the good weather months... and going fully naked as often as i can

but ill definitely keep the hardtop... keeps the cold at bay like you wouldnt believe...

and living in kc means there is plenty of cold to keep out

*edit* thanks for the link, lots of cool tops out there...
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Where did you get that pic? Looks like a guy from my local Jeep club. Usually goes by CJ5 Dante.
on that forum that i was directed to by john, most of the pics are on photobucket and they've exceeded the bandwidth / but right smack in the middle of it all was that one of my exact top and doors
Im pretty sure thats his. I shouldve invited him over to this site awhile ago anyway. Im gonna send him a link to this thread on our club board , and I'll ask him about the top. ;)
Im pretty sure thats his. I shouldve invited him over to this site awhile ago anyway. Im gonna send him a link to this thread on our club board , and I'll ask him about the top. ;)

Yeah, that's my jeep. I'm interested to see another one. Like you, I've only seen one exact match. There were a lot of random companies making tops for the CJ5's in the 50's and 60's. Koenig, Sears, Meyers, arctic, ect...

the 3b page has a lot of hardtop knowledge, and our tops most resemble the koenig and kelly, but they are not quite right.

here's another guy with one...

As far as we can tell over on, its a later kelly bonanza top. (towards the bottom)

Mine's been modified to be held on with latches instead of bolted on, and its a heavy bass turd.

hope that helps
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Yeah there are more up there also



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