YJ intake on CJ

YJ intake on CJ


86 CJ7 Laredo Black
The Jeep was totally gone thru, 124k original miles on body,
New Crate engine and Trans, Weber Carb, Interior replaced back to stock, Dana 44 Rear, Dana 35 Front, 2.5 " Suspension Lift 1" body 33-12.50 Tires on Mickey Thompson Wheels, New Dupont Paint
I had heard of people taking an AEM Intake for a YJ and installing it on a CJ7 with minimal mods, I was being told about it from a friend who saw it installed on another friends jeep,
Could anyone clear this up or was my friend mistaken
I'd love to see any photos !! I was thinking of the same thing but moved to a TJ intake and airbox ... I just figured I'd be able to make it work ??
ill try n get some, would u explain the TJ mod you did a bit more
I haven't fitted the TJ intake.
I was looking at the YJ intakes and then thought about placing the airbox right out of the way like a TJ intake does so then I just thought, why not look for a good TJ intake - And MAKE it work.
We never had YJ's inported to Aus. I've seen a couple in the flesh, but they were't imported for sales again until the TJ came back in 96 down under. :)
OK i get it , didnt even to look and see you not from the US,
I do know that he used an AEM one, and he had tried to fit some I dont know which ones or not but I assume the different bends of the intake could get in the way when you start putting something built for one jeep on another,
So Ill try and get some more info on this cause I want this mod also,
I find it hard to believe there isnt loads of info on the net on this subject

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