Build Thread 1960 CJ5...come in out of the cold

Build Thread 1960 CJ5...come in out of the cold
Really glad you have decided your path and chose to continue this project. Elephants are eaten one piece at a time,inch by inch lifes a sinch! Well, yeah anyways the tractor is really cool. Sometimes a tractor like that is worth its weight in gold.

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Well I took a bite out of today, got the Jeep situated in the garage for how I plan on working on it. I quickly noticed the lighting was poor for the area I wanted to work.... The wife laughed at me when i bought 8 used light ballasts at a yard sale, now the lights are in and I am ready to start stripping the frame.
I hope you guys don't mind pictures.... :chug:



my helper
Well I had a productive Sunday with the CJ

I got the front end completely removed, I decided it looked harder then the rear axle to remove so why not start with it. I wanted to get it up onto the bench, it will be the first to be worked on. Everything came apart pretty good. The steering was next, with little to no issues with removal. I stripped off all the little nick nacks that need to be gone for sandblast and powder coat.
The rear axle's both gave me a hard time at the rear shackle, so i cut the bolts and removed them. The rear axle can sit on the coasters to make it easy to move around.
The frame is 90% done.
The rear bumper area needs to be completely reworked. I will need a new bumper and I want to fix the piece that's been cut out.


I need to snoop around on here and see how you guys have done the front bumpers. Mine is mangled, and I want to rework it before it goes to blast and powder.


Any suggestions would be great, I am planing on getting a new front bumper as well.

:chug: weekend update done!
One day, when my $ tree blooms:D a guy named Beresk, I think:confused:
Anyways, his work is all over this site or a guy called Dirtworx on ebay.
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I don't mean to side track, but I wanted to show you guys my "i'm getting to old to sit on the floor" but truthfully " time to collect the tools I don't have as the wife is talking about kids" Kijiji find :D

6000lb Scissor Hoist 240V with all the post fittings and spacers.


I had to drive 4 hours to get it, and this morning I tested it on my wife's escape. The fist lock setting, pictured below, puts the running board at about 24"... still clearance in the garage to go this high.


It needs a little repair on the pin for moving it around, and the hydrulic hose needs to be re-attached.


Then the hoist got settled in it's new spot in the garage, and the CJ got strapped to it. I am hoping its going to make this project a little eaiser. I already have some other small jobs lined up for when the frame is at blasting and paint.


Here is a pic of the CJ Frame all the way up on the hoist.


Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadian Jeep CJer's!!!
Your new lift is great, I need to find me one of those. Keep the great pictures coming.:)
Your new lift is great, I need to find me one of those. Keep the great pictures coming.:)

Agreed. I sure would like one of those for my frame off. :cool:

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