2100 carb ?

2100 carb ?
is there anywhere else to get jets from. $20 seams alittle steep.
That was the only place I could find. Even from the data sheet that CJ has, I couldn't get a local parts place to find them.
That was the only place I could find. Even from the data sheet that CJ has, I couldn't get a local parts place to find them.

ya just ordered them. i couldnt get them at my work.
well got my jets yesterday. carb is rebuilt now i just have to get the old carb off, get this one on, see if it fires, and fab up a throttle bracket.
Please tell me you've been taking pictures?

A couple of things that I forgot to do;
1. Prime the carb. I forgot to at least put some gas in the float bowl, killed the battery trying to fill it. (I know, I'm and idiot)
2. Set the idle air screws. Hand tighten the idle/air mixture screws all the way in (only hand tight!!!) Then back them out about two full rotations, that is a good place to start.
3. Make sure that the choke is set. Because once this carb is on, you can't get to all three of the the screws to loosen the retainer ring around the choke. That means you have to take the carb back off to adjust the choke.

I think those are the big ones that I had to figure out after the fact. Let us know when you get it fired.
it fired up!!!!:D i didnt take any pics. i bad at remembering to do that. we fired it up with out the choke on and a throddle cable on. im leaving my manuel choke on when i hook it up. i dried started it but it fired right up. now i just need to figure the cable bracket out.
Good deal. Once you get her dialed in, I'm telling you, you're going to love it.
o the carb adaptor from summit needed alittle mod. i had to drill out one hole alittle bit for it to bolt in. my wife couldnt believe i was drilling on a new part.lol. but it went on after doing that.
man this thing is giving me :censored:. now i got a lower carb gasket between the manifold and spacer leaking . still cant figure out a way to mount the cable bracket. if i had hair i would pull it out. but i now it will be worth it once i get it all figure out.
I was taking a look at Elwood's bracket and it looks like if you made a flat plate and attached it to the two rear carb mounting screws and put a 90deg bend at the other end of it at the correct spot you could attach throttle cable to the plate directly inline with the end of the carb. That way the cable will open the carb up is the same way as it did on its previous motor. and then you would not have to bother attaching to the intake (look at some of the brackets for Holley carbs for inspiration) Elwood you did a good job on your carb the thing looks new:chug:
Please retract previous statement :censored:I see the booster is in the way. The only other way would be to come from under the booster.:chug:
Elwood you did a good job on your carb the thing looks new:chug:

Thanks gert.


Like I said, just a piece I had laying around, and the very bottom of the original throttle cable bracket. Cut of the bottom of the bracket with a cut-off wheel, remember to save some of the odd ball angles and tabs that appear to be there for no apparent reason, they come in handy to weld stuff to.
if i had a welder and knew how to weld that would be sweet. i think i got a idea for the bracket. i replaced the manifold to spacer gasket with a stock carter gasket. i think that might fix the leak. i used the gasket that came with the adaptor and think that was the problem. i got to take my wife and daughter to a local event then i can tear back into it. has anyone use a carb spacer with this setup or should i just mount the carb back to the spacer like i had it.
well she is done. took her for a spin around the block, man what a difference:D. i put the spacer in and it feels like it has more low end tq and way better troddle responce. i would tell anyone to do this swap. it was a bit of a pain but well worth it. the only problem i have is i cant get it to idle lower than a grand. thanks to cj and elwood for your help.:chug:
I've got the same idle issue, no idea why either. It's good to hear you got her running.
heres some pics.


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