75 CJ5 Transmission Crossmember

75 CJ5 Transmission Crossmember


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Does anyone have a picture or 2 of what the stock tranny crossmember on a 75 with a T-15 looks like?

I just dropped the engine and transmission back in the frame and I'm having a heck of a time getting any of the holes on the crossmember and frame to line up. I have a sneaking suspicion that a PO substituted another crossmember. I also noticed, when I took it out, that the output yoke on the transfer case didn't line up with the rear diff. It was about an inch and a half farther to the left.

I've checked through all my manuals and a bit online, but I can't find a good enough picture so I can figure out how everything is supposed to fit together.

As always, thanks for the help.

Bill :chug:
Thought it might be a good idea to post a couple of pics of what I've got.

The first one is of the crossmember. The 2 holes circled in red is the only place in the center of the crossmember that the transmission mount lines up with. The second pic shows the crossmember bolted up under the tranny. The holes in the crossmember that would bolt to the frame are about 3/4" forward of the holes in the frame.
I disagree with big bird. That does look like a 75. They have the extra holes on the ends for an extra brace to the inside of the frame.

What I know for the 258 is they use the other set of holes for the tranny mount and stabilizer. Eyeball it and see if the holes will line up then. There are other holes in the upper channel bracket that makes it sit off to the side.

I can take a photo tomorrow after work if you like.

Looking at the 1973 FSM, the distance from the front body mount to the center of the crossmember holes for the tranny mount is 9.81" for the 3 sp. 14.44" for the 4 sp tranny. You may have the mount in the wrong holes and turned backwards.
Thanks for the info guys. Not having another 75 handy, I don't have anything to compare what I have with. I've played around with it a bit more and I think I've found a set of holes where everything lines up. Just a few too many holes in it and no good diagrams as a point of reference.

Thanks Again,
I bumped this because I want to know if anyone has any idea where I can get a crossmember like Billyocup put a picture of on post #2. Mine is rusted through and through, and I am going to have to fabricate something if I can't find one. The salvage yard has been looking for two weeks, and they are not coming up with one anywhere. Thanks.

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