79 wagoneer dana 44s

79 wagoneer dana 44s


Gahanna Ohio
77 CJ7
I have a friend who has the front and rear 44s from what he believes are from a 79 wagoneer. He gave me a price of 300$ for the pair, brakes are complete and working order too!. Is this a good deal? and will they work for the swap into a my 77 ? I read here some years have a issue with being offset difs that wont work. Thanks for any info! Also believe he said they were maybe 373 geared i believe.
The 70's era Wagoneers had offset rear differentials. Even the Dana 20 equipped models had offset rears to clear the gas tank. Their longer wheelbase allowed for the offset without binding. If you don't have a QuadraTrac or Spicer 18 t-case in your CJ, the rear won't work very well.

The front may work. It's the correct passenger side offset but I don't know if the spring pad width is right off the top of my head. The differential may be too far out to the passenger side and require you to outboard the springs to make it work. Someone else would probably know.
From what ive read i was kinda expecting to have to outboard the front springs. Was hoping i could make the rear work cause it seams like a pretty decent deal to pass up. Thanks for the reply!
I narrow mine 4" to bring a 78 Waggy to stock width on my 73. Re-welded the drivers side spring perch. Not that tough.

There's some other posts on here that go into the details,

It's worth the effort!

Good luck
Would running the 44 in the rear with the Dana 20 work if i ran a cv or double cv joint driveshaft?

Not for very long. I would highly recommend against even trying it. The short wheelbase of the CJ makes for a significant angle on the driveshaft. Well beyond anything a CV shaft can make up for.

If you had a Scrambler, maybe.

The FSJs had a minimum of 109" wheelbase. That makes for a driveshaft that's about a foot and a half longer than the stock CJ. That extra length is what lets them get away with it.
Sounds like i definately won't be trying it then. I have been trying to search for alternative rearends of similar width to the front 79 wagoneer 44 but have looked at so many numbers my mind is going numb LOL Hopefully i'll find the answer soon. Am gonna buy the front axle off him for sure so will have to find similar width one for rear cause i'm not gonna narrow the front.
Are you sure they had all had offset rears? I have a set of d44s from a widetrac Cherokee chief in my basement that I have been trying to sell and I am pretty sure the rear pumpkin is centered but I guess I haven't really looked at them in a while.

I think it would be real sweet to see FSJ W/T axles in a cj, It would require some extremely wide fender flares to keep street legal tho considering they are wider than regular narrow track axles.
Give Tom Woods Drives shafts a call. They set me up with a double cardan (CV)shaft. You point the pinion at the output shaft. Good folks to deal with!

Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shafts - Tom Woods Custom Drive Shafts Custom Driveshafts Specialist
ThisGuyUKnow, if your rear axle had the center pumpkin i'd love to get that, that would be only 3 inches wider than the front waggy axle i am getting, that would look sweet on my CJ7 :driving::)
ThisGuyUKnow, if your rear axle had the center pumpkin i'd love to get that, that would be only 3 inches wider than the front waggy axle i am getting, that would look sweet on my CJ7 :driving::)

They have 3.54 gears in them... How close to illinois are you? I'd really like to sell them as a set.. I have my front waggy seats ontop of the basement door so as soon as I can mount them back in I will go down and check them out
Hmm maybe could "borrow" a pallet from walmart and stick it on a train but I was hoping to get about 500 for the pair, in fact I might post a classified here.
Check and see where the Cherokee differential ends up with the pinion compared to where it was with the 30 axle. Depends if you want to drive it on the street. The ones I seen have spring perches welded on both side. 4" doesn't seem very wide, but now put 12" tires on and that's 6" per side.

On a CJ that's too much for me. . .
Yeah but that stance would be awesome!

I am going to go in the basement right now with the measuring tape right now
It'll be street driven for sure, Planning on putting on 4.5 in. flaired tube fenders if not the 6" ones depending on what axles i end up with. I'm going to pick up the front axle at my friends this weekend, will have to check out the rear just to be 100% sure.
From what i have found searching your rear should be about 62.3" and the front 65.4" , would be awesome looking i think lol
Well Poo its off set. Never noticed. here are the dimensions:
Beginning of drum to drum-54"
pass side drum to the axle housing-16"
drivers side drum to axle housing-24"
inside of perch to perch- about 40"-41"
Fun illustration

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