Blazer Motor Upgrade

Blazer Motor Upgrade
I may flush it. Thanks. I did replace the core and the thermostat is new as of my engine transplant in July. Engine temp runs a steady 195 ish.

flushing still may help but the others are giving great advice as well .

How about the radiator and water pump are they new ?
I was reading another thread this morning where a guy put a restrictor in his radiator hose, dropped it to 1/2" in/out... never heard of this, but... he said his motor stays constant temp now, and his heater stays running constant.. ?
He restricts the radiator hose or heater hose?
yep.. blew me away, but.. he had pictures, and replies from others that had done the same.. I'll see if I can figure out where I was when I saw it..
If your system is working properly I don't know why you would need to do this.
I'm not sure, but he validated the fact that a lot of race cars do it, a lot of people do it, and all I know is something about keeping the water flow at a constant pressure rather than heat, high pressure, fan comes on, cools, low pressure, back and forth.. does make sense if you really take a look at it.. he did say you have to just play with the size opening you need in order to make your system work properly.. and there would be NO variation in your water temp guage afterwards.. ?
would love to hear the science behind this one.:cool:
would love to hear the science behind this one.:cool:

Being the "scientist" that I am at work, (my company treats pipelines and oil/gas wells for corrosion amongst other things), let me give this a whirl...

When the pressure (P) and volume (V) in a piece of pipe stay the same for a given pipe ID, the velocity is "X". When the ID of the pipe is decreased, X increases. Since anti-freeze can't compress, and water pumps only put out so much V, X increases and P increases across the entire system. This would just cause a low flow scenario, i.e. the thermostat is not cycling open and closed all the time. This is the way that the steady heat would be there.

Now, I don't know a lot about engines and how best to maintain proper operating temperature. But, I do know a scary amount of information about fluid and gas dynamics and I am also well versed in the Coleman Critical equations for oil and gas wells. My job for the most part is to eliminate/mitigate restrictions in hydrocarbon systems. That being said, I like my thermostat opening and closing, makes me get all warm and fuzzy to hear that click and pop.:D

Y'all real gearheads chime in on this and let me know some thoughts in addition to what has already been said before I got to ranting!:chug:
Sorry Just seems to be just a bit "over thought" is's just a heater core and a motor...not quantum theory...
Not quantum theory, petroleum engineering! Quantum theorists aren't cool and therefore wouldn't own Jeep CJ's. The man asked for the science behind it and I just obliged him. Didn't mean to upset anyone.

This won't be too expensive Dear! That's what I keep saying. Over and over again.
is there a video for this upgrade somewhere?

if your referring to the blazer upgrade , its simply buying the blower motor from the one of a blazer from an auto parts store ,,if you read the first pages of the post it will explain it , the biggest thing will be removing you old blower motor as you will have to pull your heater box out to access but well worth it
I just recently did this upgrade, now i have a silent, powerful heating system. Love it. I do believe they over-engineered the battery support system on this though.. gees!
I just completed the Blazer motor upgrade and I only have one small problem...when I turn the heater switch to the hi, 3rd speed it cycles off and back on after running only a few seconds. I've changed out the switch to a new one and the same results...Also the same results on the middle, 2nd speed. Now when i turn it to the low speed it runs for much longer periods but still cycles off and back on. However, setting that problem aside this is a lot better than it was and since I do not cherish the thought of going through the ordeal of pulling the motor and returning it to Auto Zone for another one so i'll likely live with it...
you more than likely won't have to live with it for long.:D

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