Build Thread CJ's CJ5 - Rebuild Thread

Build Thread CJ's CJ5 - Rebuild Thread


Central FL
'72 CJ5, 401, T18, D20, D44, D30
'82 CJ8, 258, D300, AMC20, D30
With all the work running the site and all the other things I do day to day, It dawned on me that I have never posted pictures of CJ's CJ... :D

Here are a few shots of the CJ5 I have owned for 28 years or so. This is the second body it has had and this one is toast now also... That comes from living in Florida and playing at the beach all the time!

I stopped keeping up with the paint years ago and decided that Rustoleum primer brown was my color of choice! I 'lived' with the philosophy that I didn't care what I ran into or over... I could touch it up with just a shake of the rattle can... :D

I was at Walmart (I hate this store) picking up guy unmentionables and was hit up by some homeless vet hanging around the front asking for money. I told him I would give him room and boarding if he would help me with the rebuild! LOL - He said YES! He's quite the camera junky and seams to have a pose for every shot!

This is the thread I'll keep going as I go from 'worn hard and put up wet CJ' to 'rebuilt and looking great CJ'... :chug:
If there any questions, comments or ??? Just post em here... :)

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Oh yea... I forgot - $20.00 paypal immediately or a shirt to the first to post correctly who made that fantastic 3" roll cage! It is NOT homemade!
nice project, CJ

You have the same front bumper mine had when i bought it. that was my first project (to get rid of it LOL)

The PO actually had the winch bolted to it with 2 GR5 bolts, and one carriage bolt thru the frame. Good thing he never tried to use the winch.
A winch with that bumper? Well, it is possible but it has to be a frame mounted winch. Anything else - as you said... Ouch!!!
the day after I bought it...
Makes me miss my 5. I'm throwing a wild guess here, but is the cage a modified newer cj rear that mounted to the floor instead of the wheelwells?
Makes me miss my 5. I'm throwing a wild guess here, but is the cage a modified newer cj rear that mounted to the floor instead of the wheelwells?
I figured maybe someone might get it eventually, but I hate to say this, not even close... It is a full 3" made just for CJ5's. It mounts to the rear wells and the floor up front. There are actually only 5 pieces of tubing. The 3 rear supports and the left and right side. One long tube is bent for the right, and the left is a mirror. They are welded together in the center above the passengers. They are kind of like T-Tops... Can't bump your head getting in or out! I'll take more pics when I get home.

I wish they were still in business. The closed long ago... :(
What projects are in the works? Where are you starting with it?
What projects are in the works? Where are you starting with it?
I plan on quite a few things.

1) Swap the T-15 for a T18. New centerforce clutch is here too. Already in progress.
2) Pull all the wiring and rewire. I rewired it once before but I want to update it again.
3) Add a SS front and rear disk brake kit. Drums suck!
4) New body items (tub, windshield frame etc). Nuff said... Surf rust has taken it's toll...

I might swap out the rear posi for a air locker or something. The front has a very new trutrac posi and the CJ has new 4.56 gears also.
The engine is very new and very stout. The crank has been cross drilled for oil circulation as well as knifeedged, rods shot peened and then polished, Lunneti cam, SS Tulip valves, completely balanced and many other go fast items. Sand drags were a fun thing I did... :)
Fuel system is great as it consists of dual lower sumps welded to the tank and #6 braided SS lines running tot he Holley fuel injection.

Overall I have allot of work to do but the result will be worth the effort. I'm sure I will add other items as I progress but those are the main points.
Holy :dung:, it is the ultimate sleeper!:notworthy: I love it the way it is. You see it on the street or trail and see rustoleum paint, first thought is must not have much done to it. Then it smokes your ***.:cool: I love sleepers! Cars, trucks, jeeps etc., sleepers rule.
Holy :dung:, it is the ultimate sleeper!:notworthy: I love it the way it is. You see it on the street or trail and see rustoleum paint, first thought is must not have much done to it. Then it smokes your :censored:.:cool: I love sleepers! Cars, trucks, jeeps etc., sleepers rule.
LOL - The only thing that tips you off is when you hear it. It is not loud at all (good exhaust) but has a VERY lopy idle... It really won't run very well below about 1000 because of the cam and if you have ever heard a maxed out small block - you definitely know the sound! It used to have a gear drive for the timing but I removed that a while ago - sounded too much like a blower!

I ran in the 1/4 mile at the Central Florida drag strip a few times (Bithlo) and my lowest ET was a 13.70. It would pull the front wheels off the ground, very scary at the end, just had to coast down and NOT use the brakes. I would race in 4L and only use 2nd and 3rd gear - like a powerglide... It had nitrous on it but I never had the balls to use it except in the mud or sand drags.

I'm pretty sur I'm going to pull the cam and pistons this time. It's just not practical any more - but the grin factor is kinda pulling me over to the side of leaving it... Heck, I even have o-ringed the block incase I ever feel like putting a puffer on it!
The man cave is clean and I started to disassemble the CJ today. I have to say, the wheel dollies are great! Just move it when and where you need and it rolls so easy my helper was able to move the CJ all by himself! You can see him pushing on the LF dolly, it was heavy for him but manageable!

After the move, we pulled off the hood and then the LF fender. The damn core support rod was loose and the support almost fell but again my buddy saved the day! He managed to wedge himself between the power steering pump and the core support until I could secure it!

He hasn't told me his name yet and I'm a little tired of calling him buddy, anyone know him? He is a vet, probably from the Gulf War.

Next up, RH fender and core support removal...
The old girl is about 1/3 naked and stripped now. I got the core support and the RH fender pulled. Just have to get the remainder of her wardrobe off and she will be in her birthday suit. Maybe I should get her drunk! :chug:

Found a little surprise when I pulled off the core support! Check out the bent drag link! Funny it never drove weird, must have fixed whatever alignment problems I had before! :) Man, I'd say the power steering line had a little bit of a leak... :D

Next: Start gutting the tub and get that body off!
mine is bent like that also, if not even a little more. Seems to drive just fine. eventually I will replace it with a heavy-duty one and call that good. Unless I go Hi-Steer...or Full-Width...Or....
LOL - I have a replacement or two in the garage somewhere. It's almost as if Jeep factored in the toe in adjustment for when the drag link gets bent...
I see the war vet had the day off. Man, he seems lazy! Did you find out his name yet?
Still won't tell me his name. I'm not even sure he knows it. I think he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder...

He probably will be back some time tonight. I saw him this morning as he was heading out the door. He muttered something about a 'monthly visit to the free clinic' and some thing he 'picked up in Baghdad'... I just left it a that as I really didn't want to pry.. :)
Took a couple of hours today and pulled the dash, the heater core assembly, steering column, seats and assorted other pieces. I just cut the majority of the wiring as I'm replacing it all again. I created a custom harness the last time I rebuilt the CJ, and it need to be revamped again. I'll probably just buy a Painless kit and modify it as needed.

The last time I put this thing together I splurged and used all stainless steel fasteners... All I can say is this is 100% HIGHLY recommended!!! Even with all the rust and :dung: on my CJ, I didn't have to cut or screw with one nut or bolt. Once I loosened up the bolt, almost all were easily unscrewed by hand.

I also have the roll cage completely unbolted but need some help to lift it off. It is heavy!!!

Take a look at the front floor board modification... That is a 3/4" steel plate that is covering the rusted out portion. Both front's were so rusted that years ago I added the plates, I'm pretty sure I'm going to put them back when I get the new body. It really distributes the forces from the roll cage.

Next - pull the pedals, all the body bolts and get it to the shop to yank the tub!
I totally agree about the stainless bolts. That stuff is worth its weight in gold. My po didn't use stainless on much, I have the scars and metal in my eye to prove it.
Really interested in pics on your harness. I am getting ready to redo my harness.

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