DUI hei

One goes to the ignition power and the other can go to the tach.

Good stuff.
With this dist. Does it eradicate the ignition control module?

since you have a 360 I'm not sure what the PO did already. What kind of ignition do you have now?
With the HEI the ICM is built into the dist.
Ford, mastercraft. I have spark on initial crank and when key is released. So when I turn the key I get a weak quick spark, when I release the key I get another weak spark. I am beyond frustrated. I have replaced dist, coil, ballast, icm all have given same result. It was running before dist was removed, it was removed because of frayed wires. DUI would be two wires and forget it.
being an old chevy guy I like HEI's, but I have to wonder if you have a wireing problem somewhere. Have you checked to be sure your getting the proper voltage through the ign. system?
I think that my prob is with the connection to distributor. I am so deep into the wiring that I cannot even explain it. I thought that I was finished. Had everything buttoned up. I am ordering the DUI with my 4.88 money. The gears keep getting the back burner. On a lighter note, I have a front end and a steering shaft and a chrome grill overlay if anyone needs them!
when you get that new hei hook it up with a relay so you know your getting a good clean 12v.:chug:
Cool, will do! Time for a beer!
If you are shopping for an HEI ignition you'll see a wide range of prices. If you have trouble almost all of these will allow you to use GM distributor cap, rotor, coil, ignition module as replacements. The real difference is the metal part of the distributor itself. The problem with the cheaper versions is the gear at the bottom of the distributor. Some of the less expensive ones have a hard gear that wears out the teeth on the cam. Then it's a PITA to replace the cam. Some people say the solution is to reuse the gear off the AMC distributor. Put the gear on the cheep distributor and you shouldn't worry about it wrecking the cam.
Good info. Tanks
I got the cheap one. I know. I just need her running again, I just couldn't justify an extra AMC 150 . If this comes back to haunt me, you can say I told ya so!
You cann't beleive how many horror stories I have read about the cheap e-bay ones.
The dist is not usually a problem, it is the gear.

Use your old dist gear. Just to be sure... Use your old gear. Also be very sure the length of the new dist is not longer than the old one or it will cause premature oil pump wear.
4wd put their name on it, hopefully it is a good product. I just could not not swing it.
We must have posted at the same time. I will swap the gears and check length. Thanks for the info.
Makes sense. The acc term of the solenoid gets a full twelve in on position. Easy enough! Will you be there on Wednesday?
I'll be there.:chug:

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