My yard guy and I had a falling out...

My yard guy and I had a falling out...


Central FL
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I've been paying for a yard service for years... Just didn't feel like doing yard work! I have 7/8 acre that needed mowed and all the other :dung: ...

My yard guy and I had a falling out, so now my place looks like :dung: - they haven't showed up for about a month - I pretty much believe they aren't going to be here again...

So -Today I purchased a lawn tractor! It has a cup holder and cruis control!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Big time babe!!! :)



YTH2348 - Garden tractors

Husqvarna, they're Swedish, yah :D

But seriously, a cupholder and cruise control? My CJ doesn't have cupholders or cruise control, and I doubt that yours does either, and you bought a lawn tractor that does? For 7/8 of an acre
Call me spoiled!

I am looking at a new home on three acres... Just not sure about moving! :confused:
I've moved a lot over the last ten years. And I have to say, I hate moving. The only good thing about moving is that most of the time you end up throwing away a lot of junk that has been just sitting around.
I really hate the thought of moving but also really like the idea of building me a nice shop!

I have had my eye on some property and I'm about ready to bite the bullet and do it!
Cup holders would be really nice, I end up trying to hold my :beer: between my legs and end up with it all over me before it's done.

CJ your going to hate trying to cut 3 acres, takes me all day just to mow and I only mow a couple, but I have a lot of :dung: to mow around.
Sweaty but happy...

Finished my property and a neighbors... Share the love! :)
Why are you so abrasive??? I feel so bad for your poor yard guy! :D That's a nice mower, you should paint your Jeep to match. :cool:
:laugh: There you go CJ. Paint her Husky orange! That would look sweet:D
I really hate the thought of moving but also really like the idea of building me a nice shop!

I have had my eye on some property and I'm about ready to bite the bullet and do it!

Awww... you're buying me a house? :) How sweet!
It has a cup holder

I have a Poulan Pro. Its a few years old. I have 2 lots to mow. Too much to push.

I took a fresh can of Dr Pepper out there with me to mow today. And I dont drink fast. So, I found out that while you are mowing, the vibration totally makes your soda go flat.

Who needs a cup holder

I hold Beer in hand while cutting

If its in a cup holder your not enjoying cutting the yard
First mow of the new year - OUCH! The husky handled it (Kohler) but the blades are in bad shape! Probably should have picked up all the loose limbs. What the hell - they are mulch now. :)
Nice lawn tractor! I'm looking for one right now as well. I have a tractor, but no brush hog. For the price of a brush hog, I can pick up a good used lawn tractor! I made this decision after trying to mow about an acre and a half with a push mower. It took me two evenings, and now a week later it needs to be mowed again!
I got rid of my tractor, took to damn long to mow the yard with it, and It looked like a drunk did it afterwards. :mad: I jumped into an X-Mark 15 horse Kawasaki twin commercial walk behind and can mow my acre of lawn with about 50 trees on it in just about 45 minutes, and the job looks beautiful after. I hardly ever use my string trimmer now, because the mower cuts right up to about an inch of the trees and fences. I friggin love that baby!:cool:
I liked it even better than the Skag mowers. Not cheap, but built like a machine should be built and that Kaw industrial twin engine will sing through waist high grass like a bush hog. My next one will be Phazer.:D

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