One header angles down?

One header angles down?


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Bought new headers (Summit) because the ones that came with my Jeep did this. Figured it was a bent header... :confused:

Anyways, not sure if I'm posting in the right section, but my header (and therefore muffler) is hanging down at a ugly angle.

Only the drivers side though... :confused: The passenger side is fine.

Now i "can" cut v out of the top of the muffler and re-weld it straight. Before doing so though i was wondering if anyone had an idea as to what might be causing this.

Also heard heating evenly along the readside of the joint and carefully jacking up the tip might correct (bend) it up also... But again I'd prefer to try to solve it. That way when i buy the nice ones i want it wont be an issue. :cool:

Any Ideas?
I have a 1980 CJ7 with a 304 and I have the same problem also on the drivers side. I would love to know if you found (maybe somewhere else) what the problem was
They make them that way to clear the clutch linkage on the drivers side.
Any suggestions on how to fix it or can you get headers for Jeeps that don't have clutch linkage ? My Jeep is an auto
I spent some time on a AMC car web page looking for engine info. and I think they may make different headers for cars. I remember one guy with a jeep over there had a engine from a car and was having issues with the linkage from his headers.
Im sorry I meant I have an automatic transmission and dont have the clutch linkage that the header might interfere with
They make them that way to clear the clutch linkage on the drivers side.

Really? That sucks! So pretty much I'd need to rig it? My Uncle has headers on his 72 with a 304 also. His do not do this... We both have same tranny etc. His is the cable instead of linkage (for the clutch).

I'll need to try to do some more research... I need that tucked up in there better. It's unsightly... It doesn't seem right seeing as how there are fenderwell headers, and the linkage is all inside the frame.
Here is a bad picture of my old drivers side header (Edelbrock)


Here is one of the passengers side (old and new (Headman)). I'll snap a shot tonight of the old and new drivers side for you.

So CJ, from what i can see, you didn't have that problem? It looks as if your headers come out straight...

Any idea as to why mine angle down only on the driver's side?
Didn't notice this before, but...

The headers you have are fenderwell headers and mine are in frame. I bet they are angled down to clear body mounts or even the fire wall.

Do you know what brand they are?
Yeah they're the Summit Brand. Here's the link. Looking at the pictures it never appeared they'd differ in angle.

Summit Racing SUM-G9043 - Summit Racing® Headers - Overview -

And again Uncle has Fenderwell headers as well on 72 CJ5. Same Engine and everything... No Angle... Not sure the brand of his headers though as they came with the Jeep when he purchased it early this year.

Maybe that person had altered them or the mufflers to account for it, but i don't think so... I'll have to check it out closer. We looked at his after installing mine as they were both present. Didn't appear to have any similarity as far as angle of the collector or anything.

The summit header (in the 360* view) looks like it has a very slight down angle, add that to the tilt of the engine and the angle could be pretty severe. Do you have a trans drop? That can lower the back of the engine.

Here is a picture of the new drivers side header.

:confused:I (according to my Brother) do have a tranny drop. 1" ? Again I'm kinda a noob with Jeeps, so not sure what that is. Except its slightly self explanitory i suppose, it drops my tranny...

But again if it were that, Both sides would angle, and as pics show the passenger side doesn't... Right?
So sent e-mail to Summit Racing... Seeing what they say for :censored: and giggles... Will update after.

Does anyone else have any ideas why one side would be so tweaked? Possible the frames tweaked?

This is stumping me guys... Tried looking all over the net last night... Can't find :censored:...

The guy that said: "They make them that way to clear the clutch linkage on the drivers side." (83CJ7 I believe) I'm not discrediting your advice bud, just don't understand why i can't find anything supporting what your saying. Also they're fender-well headers, so no linkage is there...

I may have to rig this to fix... Besides the two ways i mentioned first post does anyone have any ideas? I may try to fab a "wedge" to attach between the collector flanges... ?? :bang:

Maybe I'll get :wasted: and come up with a good idea! lol Sometimes my best ideas come that way... (Until i sober up... :cool: then I'm wondering why i ever thought that would work...)

Thanks all,
~ JR
This is troubling and at the very least I would cut off the muffler flange and reweld at the correct angle. That won't solve the portion of header to flange that would still be out of skew but would help, Something in me want's to heat the tube to collector area red hot and bend it to the correct angle but my feeling is that would not go well and the whole thing might end up in the scrap barrel.
I retract what I said about linkage clearence. Your right with outside the frame application. Probably too late but would be interesting to bolt them together to see exactly where the problem area exists.
This probably won't help you at all, but I have Hedman fenderwell headers on my '74, and they are definitely not angled down. I'd suggest heating the inlet pipe (muffler side) and jacking it up to make it more level.
Although it could be something as simple as a bad motor mount, as has been suggested already.
I retract what I said about linkage clearence. Your right with outside the frame application. Probably too late but would be interesting to bolt them together to see exactly where the problem area exists.

Don't worry Man, same exact thing Summit Racing said...

"Most of the bend is to clear the clutch linkage. Unfortunately, we don't list a set for a manual and automatic transmission separately. They could be heated and bent, but I can't really recommend this due to the possible damage which would ruin the header. The only other option would be to change the angle of the muffler at the bolt on collector. "

Which still wouldn't make sense to me... It go's outside the frame, and should be bent to come out horizontally correct... Probably have to just do some customizing... ??

But anyways you were spot on their answer...:chug:
could be poor quality control from summit, i wonder who makes their headers for em. do the motor mounts look ok?

They seem to be... I just bought and stated with this, and it's my first Jeep... I may look harder at them to see because the engine does twist a bit when revv'ed... Always assumed they move with the flex and such...

I had heard somewhere Summits are just cheaper version of Headman or one of the others... Seen it somewhere... :confused: Hate that, Been looking at so many posts and sights i cant remember where i see anything... lol

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