solid mounted engine and trans

solid mounted engine and trans


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westminster mass
76 cj 5 360, 999 tranny and dana 300 transfer case, dana 44 rear and dana 30 front diff
anyone have one? i do, i didnt do it, it was bought this way. i would like to change it to a rubber mount set up. do i need to buy towers for the motor mounts? i guess i need to see pics of others set ups. i have an amc 360 with an auto(999) trans and an unknown transfer case. it looks like i might need to offset it to the drvers side i think
need to get that fixed before you have a mount ripped off, they are rubber mounted for a reason
I do not know the off set for your year and engine and tranny but I am sure if you order your mounts from Novak or Advanced adapters they can tell you.
Any chance of pictures of this?? we could see if you have anything you can use. Is this rig something really hard core off road or what??:cool:
Any chance of pictures of this?? we could see if you have anything you can use. Is this rig something really hard core off road or what??:cool:

Pix would help us.:)
this is my weekend warrior. i have driven it on the road, but havent off roaded it yet. thats whats gonna happen with it. off road fun. nothing serious. trails, camping, and exploring. im gonna take pics in a few.
that hurts my eyes it is so wrong
Does the t case have a anti torque mount? it really needs one
awww, dont say that. thats not what i wanted to hear. no it dosent have an anti torque mount on it. wnere would that bolt to? and what kind of transfer case is that?:censored:
yup, them are some nice motor mounts at m.o.r.e. i need to gather up some cash so i can buy me some. the crossmember is gonna be easy to modify, but the torque arm for the transfer case is a mystery for me. does it bolt to the frame?
The torque mount kind of mounts to the cross member.
This is pretty remarkable:dung:, its so sad when cousins mary.
i traded a 4 wheeler that i didnt use anymore for it. it runs good, but i guess thats all it has going for it. damn. ive got some work to do:bang: thanks for all the help, but i think the cousins would be upset. ha ha
now now, let me remind everyone, I did not do this. this is the way i got it. i just need some advice on how to properly fix said jeep. i have never owned one before, so this is all new to me
::watching Jamie tip toe out of the room::
ok we believe you sure we doooo doooo

Seriously, we all have list of what the previous owner has done
that is bad, but not the worse and you caught it before you cracked the frame or something, good catch.
It more than likely has a 360 where a 258 used to hang out and I think the mounts for that are different and don't grow on trees, so some one got creative. I think in your neighborhood it is called "Yankee ingenuity"??
Don't wory Jamie you are cool with us, We see this kind of thing way too often we call it "Halfast", not the way it is usually spelled but this forum has a remarkable auto edit that turns :dung: into poopie and *** into behind.:D
The MORE motor mounts are a bit pricy but I think they would be well worth the price. they are not only tons better than what you have but remarkably better than the stock mounts which may be a bit of a challenge just to find.
I will say that transferring that much torque and vibration directly to the frame and restricting the movement of the engine this way will eventually result in some kind of catastrophic failure.:(

wow thats just crazy why would someone so that?
i agree that the motor needs to be mounted with rubber and not directly to the frame. i found some mounts on ebay i night buy. about half the price of the m o r e mounts. they look factory to me. but im not that extreme of a wheeler. i need to find the linkage and bracket that attaches to the 999 transmissions detent assembly. i cant find one anywhere
building motor and transmission mounts isn't rocket surgery, guys do it all the time, successfully.
find a rubber mount that will fit the mounts on the motor and transmission and then build the frame mounts and cross member hardware as it needs to be.
is the engine, trans, transfer case supposed to be offset an inch or 2? the way the rednecks mounted it now, it dosent line up with the pumpkin. i dont think thats normal. but nothing ive uncovered with this jeep has been normal
typically it is offset to allow the front driveshaft to pass to the differential without hitting the oil pan. as long as that clearance is good, that is what will cause the issues

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