T150 disassembly

T150 disassembly


Knoxville TN
So how do I start? all my needle bearings feel out of the front shaft, I have all of them, they just fell down in the case, but how do you get the shaft out so I can get to it? Also look like a clip or something fell out, is there a website or write up somewhere?
The T-150 is about the easiest of the Jeep trans. to rebuild. Your best bet is probably going to be to disassemble it and then reassemble... It's really just 'take it apart' and reverse the order for assembly...

Make sure you use Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) to hold the needle bearings in and NOT grease.
Yeah it doesnt look too bad, but how in the world do you get the mainshaft out? Am I going to have to buy new bearings ? Everything in the trans is good, just those pins feel out, I am assuming its pretty self explanatory where they go....I figure I would just lay all the parts out one by one in order....do I need a press, I am not really replacing anything except puttin the pins back in....but right now I am a little confused on how to remove the mainshaft...I figured with the help from this site though, I am sure to have a successful tear down and rebuild :D

Also, you don't really need any special tools. About the most specialized piece you need is a dowel that is the correct diameter to keep the needle bearings in place when you slide in the cluster shaft rod.
a down? what is that?
how does the shaft come out?
how does the shaft come out?
Looks like you need to pull the front input assembly (#17 - #22) then remove the cluster (#5) or maybe the reverse gear gear (#30) or both, by sliding #2 and or #26 out (after removing the split lock pins), then you should be able to remove the main shaft assembly. This is all referencing the diagram I posted. I have never taken apart a T-150 but it should be close to what I posted.
Do I need to pull the bearing?
#12 and #7 sorry.....hey thanks man for the link to ebay, I am abou tto order the first one on the page soley for the 1978 1200 pages! Your the man ! :notworthy::chug:
#12 and #7 ~~~
Hmm... #12 doesn't look like a bearing to me and I don't even see a #7 in the picture I posted.

Just start at the end of the shaft and start removing items, lay them out in the order you take them off, just remove any snap rings, clips and nuts and slide the gears and syncros out. TAKE PICTURES! Once you get it disassembled you can then reassemble putting the needle bearings back in.The only thing that worries me is how the hell the needle bearing came out to begin with. That should not have been able to happen.Can you snap a pic of where you are and post it?
Well the mainshaft slipped back a little during shipping and while I was trying to get it back in, I guess I pulled it out a little too far trying to line everything up and the needle bearings starting falling out! I'm haven't started yet, I am about to sit here and give it a try ill post pics in a few
Good, pics really help... Can you tell us what needle bearings you think are falling out?

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