Trail spares

Trail spares


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British Columbia
Early 1975 CJ 5
304, NP435, AA, D300, D30, D44
Hi folks, I'm looking for info/suggestions on spare parts to carry in the Jeep when heading to remote areas so I can at least limp home if bad luck strikes.

What I want is a VERY SHORT list of must have items - mostly to keep the engine running. I have read a number of lists for this type of thing and I find them rediculously long. If I packed all that stuff there wouldn't be room for food and water; Jeep would be fine but I'd be dead. :rolleyes:

It is a 1975 with a 304 converted to propane (no fuel pump:)).

So far on my list is an ignition module (thanks to other threads on this board!:notworthy:)

Thanks guys.
That's the reason I'd like to build a trail trailer... :D:D

I like to bring tools obviously,

  • Extra wheel bearing and grease.
  • Fuel Filter
  • roll of wire (electrical)
  • Bailing wire
  • Duct tape
  • Front engine belts
  • Gasket making material
  • small roll of vac hoses and old hose for siphoning (though you have propane...)
  • Eventually, It wouldn't be a bad Idea for you to have a adapter to BBQ style tank hook up (not sure yours, but my truck one is different...) and possibly replacement propane lines (from tank to pump / regulator and then to the throttle body / carb.
  • If you leak oil, bring it.
  • Spill Kits
  • Fire Ext.
Like you said above, you can't bring it all... I usually have a base camp and multiple vehicles, so a lot of the fluids (brake fluid, steering fluid, oil, grease, etc) is all left at the main camp while wheeling. Mostly I have and extra U-Joint, a spare drive shaft, spart steering drag link with two ball joints attached and greased. Whole box of nuts, bolts, washers, rubber, small metal plates etc. Wheel studs, winch accessories, extra fan belts, assortment of hose / line, wiring stuff, metal coat hanger (in a pinch its welding rod) :D

And I find a way to pack it all in the jeep under seats. Then the back rack is for water / icechest, and I have a cup holder / center council cooler for my additional beverages...

A jack of some sort is also a good idea...

See this is the problem, you either bring it all, and never use half of it, or always need what you do not bring...

It's a catch 22...


~ JR
A couple other things i should mention:
1-This is a budget operation. I dont want to have to sell one of the kids for the spare parts ;)

2-This is mostly for remote area exploring; possibly but unlikely to be really tough 4wheeling. So parts like axle shafts etc... are considered waste of space.

Justinfonder, Thanks for the link. I'll read through it as I'm sure there are some good tid-bits of info for me but in general this is why I'm asking in a new thread: These lists are too long and expensive for my purposes. Teamrush is listing what you need to keep your vehicle in top working order while on an expedition. I only want to be able to limp home with the bare minimum on board :D.

Jr. Thanks for your list, a few points I noted:
-Tools! of course, spare parts are useless without tools to instal them. I'm thinking a basic wrench set, hammer, punch, prybar... what else?

-electrical wire and tape for sure! duct tape should cover other hose repairs to limp home... maybe I need something special for patching propane hose. I'll look into that. Hee-hee, syphoning propane... has there been an episode of '1000 ways to die' on that yet?

-U-joint is pretty basic and small but even these things I could limp home without (assuming only one, front or rear, is outa commision)

-steering is a dilema... cant go anywhere without but the spares are expensive and ackward size/shape. If I get to replacing those parts I'll keep the old for spares for sure!

As for offroad gear I'll have a winch and highlift bolted to the front bumper/plate thingy and likely tie a shovel to the rear bumper. Then I just need a bow-saw in cab.

Keep the ideas rolling folks! This is great help. What about distributor and other electrical do-dads... most of this stuff will slowly wear out so spares aren't neccessary but anything aside from the ignition module that can leave you going nowhere?
Fuses a pare of wire crimpers/strippers and butt conectors are always good to have. Spare coil is another good thing to have. I'm going to build a trail trailer to pack my gear and spare parts. But for just going out in the desert I won't be pulling a trailer.
:laugh: yes don't go selling the kids to get stuff for spares! (although... :rolleyes: It would clear up more space... :D )

I'd say the single most important piece of equipment for a person going out of cell service range with only one vehicle is: a plan for what if...

Either a Sat phone (crazy expensive from what I know, which is not much... lol) or remember where about you got the patchy cell service along the trail... I know of 6 spots so far on the Rubicon trail where I can get verizon wireless service... :D

I'd say another cheap fix all to have is some mixable silicone / j/b weld etc. You could patch up holes in "stuff"

And yes, I'd say propane siphoning is probably not a great idea :)
Belts and all hoses.
You really can't duct tape a radiator hose but you can cut it shorter.
I once had a hose burst in the mountains far from anyone. Hoses often burst near the ends but I now always bring spares. I cut my hose and reattached it. I then emptied my cooler and hiked to a stream for water. That brings up another point, no matter how you repair a hose, do you have water?
The main things I carry are:
belts and hoses
front axle u-joint, driveshaft u-joint. chances are good I'll need 4wd to get out of where I'm at if one breaks.
wire and wire ends
and of course tools, food and water
I carry alot of other stuff in my truck but thats what goes with in my jeep.
I'm never really to far from my truck though around here. And I never go out alone.
I have some fuses and conectors, good call, and I will pick up a spare coil. Do they :dung: out all at once or is it a more gradual death usually?
Thanks coldair!

Jr. VHF or 'ham' radios are often used by the outdoor crowd around here. I'm hoping to pick one of those up one day... otherwise its hiking to main routes or in some areas up-hill to get a cell signal.

Belts are a good idea, esp alternator. But one can limp a long way without them but they are fairly small and light. Will fit in the underseat storage with a bunch of other stuff anyways.

You cant duct tape a rad hose? hmmm, those take up a lot of space. It's very true they usually go at the end and can be re-attached. I've done that on another vehicle. I think I'll risk that. We have lots of water in BC, creeks and what not, so there is usually a place to get some water for the rad... I would need a scoop though. Empty cooler is a great idea.

Thanks BusaDave! BTW, I always enjoy your trail pics. Looks like you are really enjoying your Jeep - thats what I plan to do with mine. And your hand control for the throttle is a dang good idea that I just may steal one day! :notworthy:
ICM... thats the engine computer thingy right? I shouldn't need to worry about that with my 75. Good point about needing 4wd to get out of the spot where the break occurs. But as mentioned I rarely find tough spots like that in my backcountry wandering. If I'm stuck it's usually in snow or mud so I could winch out and limp home in 2wd. Every trip is different so it's a bit pointless for me to imagine situations from home but overall I'm not too worried about breakage: no lockers, only 33" tires. I am mostly worried about the engine dying in the middle of nowhere.
Thanks OldDog!
To add to the list add 3 wheel studs and nuts. I have had the misfortune on more than one trip to watch a tire roll down. The hill in front of me. Basically I keep a ammo can for trail stairs. A tire plug kit as well, I keep a co2 actuated air supply. My tools and spares all fit in the ammo can mess the jack.
lost the wheel on more than 1 occasion? That is misfortune! But it shouldn't happen with normal driving; dont think I need those.

So far I've over looked the tires. A patch kit would be a darn good idea especially until I get a spare tire on my Jeep. Adding it to my list. Thanks Buckrub!
jumper cables and some 3/32 welding rods, a piece of cardboard with a #10 welding lens taped into it.
jumper cables and some 3/32 welding rods, a piece of cardboard with a #10 welding lens taped into it.

Is welding even possible off one battery?

I would put welding gear with axle shafts etc... shouldn't be needed for average back country exploring; the 4wheeling isn't too extreme and I dont have lockers or really big tires (stuff that causes breakage where there normally shouldn't be breakage)
That's a clever, low buck, low space way to pack welding gear though!
I don't know if I'd be too hasty in saying front axle shafts or at least front axle u joints are a waste of space in a V8 powered CJ with a Dana 30 front axle equipped with 260 u-joints. This is probably the most breakage prone item in the 4x4 drivetrain when off-roading. I have seen them mounted under the body so that they don't take up much space.

If it was me I would not venture off of pavement without an air source and a plug/patch kit if I didn't have a spare.
One other thing I am going to start to carry is my chain saw. The trials I have ran this year so far are so full of downed beetle killed trees, and a lot more standing. A windy day of wheeling can strand you. My bow saw I don't think will cut it. So with that, I carry MRE's water and some camping stuff along with a lot of the other stuff mentioned previous. My Jeep is pretty full.
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Incommando; a blown U-joint is certainly possible... but I could limp home in 2wd. And thats the point of this thread: what is the bare minimum of stuff I need to keep the jeep moving to limp home. I know its impossible to cover all possibilities but hopefully I'll have the common stuff covered.

Mounting spare stuff underneath is clever... but maybe not so practical in muddy areas.

An Air pump is also pretty key. I plan on buying one that clips on to the battery. Smitty built have some pretty cheap ones that I have read are decent. Should be fine for 33's. Thanks!

Purple77; There are days around BC when I wish I had a chainsaw on board! But they are very big plus a gas can... I hear ya, but I'm going to suffer on with the bow saw.

Another great point; some emergency gear incase stuck over night. A couple cans of food, water (but there are lots of streams one could drink from around BC), something to keep warm at night, and something to start a fire with.

Also a basic first aid kit! Working on my list...
The other big thing to ask is where do you keep your spare stuff. Ive seen complete 30 front shafts zip tied to the rad support bars under the hood so if you do brake one your not monkeying around with trying to chage the joint plus if you break either the main shaft or the stub shaft then you have those covered also.

U Joint & U Joint straps for your application of T/Case and axles. Ive seen 2 times when a truck in our group has lost a strap and cap.

Got a V-8 and 2 peice 20 axle.. you can hide 2 axle shafts where your rear tire is between the frame and the tub.. a few zip ties or bungees and they will be there when you need em.

"Incommando; a blown U-joint is certainly possible... but I could limp home in 2wd" :confused: If you had to 4 WD hard enought to get where you are and then brake it what makes you think you will be able to 2 wd it off the trails.
Im sure if you were creative you can fit alot more stuff into the jeep then you think you can.. you just have to think outside the box.

Ive seen a whole roll of 12ga wire wrapped around a roll bar leg. Is there when you need it and takes up no extra space. Flip up you passenger side seat and look at all the extra room between the seat and the floor, you can either place a box under the seat of just zip tie your spare belts and u joint boxes to the springs under the seat. I like this way better so that there really isnt a chance of them getting wet since they are up off the ground.

Oh.. that rescue tape is great stuff. Ive used it alot around the house and on my pool.. never had to use it on the trail.

As for just worrying about the motor dying... oil, fuses, a spare 5 pin relay if you have any relays, the ignition module, starter solenoid wd 40.

I hate to sound like a D-bag but either you have a very well built rig or are a little ignorant on breaking things off road. You can carry a ton of spare stuff just incase.. better to need it and have it.

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