Transmission cooler

Transmission cooler


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I am learning more and more about the sensativity of auto trans fluid recently.

It is very important to keep the fluid as cool as possible. Approx 220 degrees, it starts to break down quickly. I recently read that when an engine severely overheats, it is not suprising to find the auto trans develpos problems 2K miles later due to the trans fluid overheating in the shared radiator/trans cooler.

My short story:
I have always had an issue keeping my CJ V8 cool.

For years, I have run a trans cooler directly in front of my radiator. I am wondering now if that is the best place to have it. My intention was to separate the two cooling systems but if they are actually touching (conducting heat) it is probably pointless. Plus the fact that the trans cooler is somewhat blocking a portion of the airflow through the radiator cant help cool the engine temp.

My question is this:
I have the trans/ transfer case / radiator out right now and TH400 trans is at the shop. My radiator is going to be replaced with an aluminum one, and was debating if I should put the trans lines to it, or keep the separate cooler. If I keep the separate cooler, where is the ideal place to mount it? In front of the radiator? Separated by an nch of space? Behind the radiator? Somewhere else?

Any imput is welcome....!!!

thanks in advance.
From the factory most automatic transmissions use a cooler that is built into the radiator. That seems to work fine. But for better cooling you can use a separate tranny cooler in front of the radiator. It sounds like you already have a cooler and are planning on getting a new radiator. I would get a radiator intended for a manual transmission. That way the entire capacity of the radiator will be for coolant for the engine. The aftermarket tranny cooler will do a better job than the radiator because it is more likely to have higher capacity. It is odd that the tranny cooler is built into or right in front of the radiator but it gets the best air flow there.
i agree. seperate the 2 systems. i think derale or b and m make a stand alone cooler with a built in fan. that way you can mount it any where you want. the factory plumbed the 2 systems together for the people in the cold weather climates. quicker warm ups, but living in florida, that is not really needed.
thanks Jamie, I'll look for a cooler with a fan. Any ideas of where to mount it other than in front of the radiator?

Is seems like the most logical place to put it, but there arent a lot of other options.
mabye on top of the inner fender or bolted to the bottom of the battery tray
IMHO I would mount it in front of the radiator. Yes it may not seem like the best place but it's the coolest and gets the best air flow.
It gets too hot under the hood.
Check out this link: Automatic transmission cooler guide and installation
They say:
Most cooler manufactures and automobile manufactures information we have read, recommends installing the coolers In-Series with the factory radiator cooler for maxium cooling efficiency.
So unless the manufactures who have spent 1000's of hours testing different installations are wrong, the suggested cooler installation is in-series......
@ BusaDave9: You're prob right, that is where it will most likely end up, in front of the radiator.

Does anyone know anything about the "tube" trans coolers. They are all over ebay, and claim to cool better than radiator style coolers. It might be easier to locate a good place to mount.

I've got a week or two before my trans is done, so it might appear that I am overthinking this, but I'm just trying to kill time till I can get my Jeep back.!! LOL

Also on the short list of things to get knocked out before I get it back are: replacing drivers side broken lap belt (or switching to shoulder belts) 2 front shocks, redo the gaskets in my transfer case which seem to always have a very very small drip, re-paint the back bumper which got scuffed as I accidentally backed up into my old honda accord (DOH!)

re: above mentioned shocks: Its is pretty sad when you look under the front end and notice a shock has completely broken off and you havent even noticed a change in ride!!! LOL

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