1982 CJ7 Jamboree #0478, 6 cyclinder, Manual Trans-5 speed
I have a 1982 CJ7 Jamboree with the 6 cyc; AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l engine; Carter carb. The Jeep has been sitting up for 2-3 years. First of all, I would like to thank all those Jeepers that posted and sent me advice, when I started trying to bring my Jeep to life once again. I'm happy to say that I got the gas tank cleaned out, all the gas lines cleared and cleaned, replaced the fuel pump and filter, changed spark plugs and wires, changed oil, and flushed radiator. Believe me, for someone who is not an auto mechanic, I would not have been able to do all those things without the advice I received from this site. NOW, the great news is that I actually got the Jeep running once again, but not purring like I would like.

The Jeep is not idling like it is suppose to. I can keep my foot on the gas slightly and keep it running, but it's not idling on it's own. The other thing I'm experiencing is what sounds like a huge vacuum leak. I mean I can hear the motor sucking air. The previous owner of the Jeep had removed all the emissions stuff, and I'm finding hoses and other things open to the atmosphere and not plugged off. Should I plug all these lines off? Can anyone tell me or send me a picture of what the 1982 engine should look like with no emissions stuff hooked up? I'd appreciate any help you can offer. :wtf:
Congrats on getting that far.You did a lot of work.I'll take a look in my factory manual and see what it has for a diagram.
You can track a vacumn leak down with carb cleaner also.With the engine running.If you don't know how let us know.
Thank you for the schematic. I will take a look and see if it makes any sense to me. No, I am not familiar with out to find a vacuum leak using carb cleaner.
After looking at this schematic, I'm not sure my Jeep has hardly any of this stuff on it. I do have a hose going from the carb to the pcv valve on top of the valve cover, front part. Also, the back of the valve cover is showing a hose hooked to the air cleaner. I do not have the stock air cleaner. What I have is an aftermarket air cleaner that just sits right on top of the carb, and nothing is attached to it. There is a hose on the back of the valve cover but it is not hooked up to anything. It was just left open ended to the atmosphere. What do I need to do with this hose, since I do not have the stock air cleaner assembly to hook it to?
First get you a fire extinguisher.
Put the straw in the carb cleaner and start the engine gently spray all vac connections base of the carb and linkage on the side of carb where the pin goes into the carb.Vacumn brake booster egr valve charcoal cannister etc.Just mist them a little and listen for the engine to rev up.Spray a mist over the carb opening and listen to the engine.Thats what it will sound like if you hit a vacumn leak.What its doing is sucking the carb cleaner up the vacumn leak into the intake manifold and making the engine rev up.I always spray the hoses to if you can't find anything at the connections.
Be carefull and stay away from the exhaust manifold and pipes.I'd spray anything close to them first while engine is warming up.Its not as bad as it sounds you just have to be carefull but its a great way to find a leak.You'll get the hang of it.
There's also other vacumn diagrams to make your engine run without all that factory stuff.
Thank you Mike. I think I will be able to test for vacuum leaks the way you have explained. Did you see my previous post about the schematic and what I have or should I say what I don't have. A vacuum diagram of what my engine should look like without all the factory stuff would really be helpful, because I'm already missing most of the factory emissions stuff. It's missing, but I'm not sure it was removed the proper way. In other words, I have lots of lines that were not plugged off and I don't know which ones I need to plug. Thank you for all your help.
See if it looks similiar to this.Photo courtesy of someone on this site.The CTO Valve is in the intake manifold close to fan blade.
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At minimum you want the large hose off the valve cover attached to the air cleaner and the smaller hose attached to the base of the carb...this is done to route any blow-by back into the engine. You also need a vacum line running from the base of the carb to the distributor and 1 line to the brake booster if so equiped this is the minumum to make your jeep run correctly. The rest of the mumbo jumbo is to satisfy the smog ploice if you have any in your area (and it does nothing to make it run better):cool:
Your hoses from the valve cover should look like this also.You can buy a adapter to put in your air cleaner for the hose from the valve cover at any parts store.Just tell them what your doing.On my Jeep one opening on the valve cover is open with a breather cap in it.Cap is also at any parts store.You might have to buy a rubber gromlet to put in the valve cover to accept the breather cap.
If you want i'll take a pic of my engine bay today and post it for you.Someone else on the site might have one also and put it up.
Mike, a picture of your engine bay would be wonderful. I have been all over the web trying to find a pic of something that looks like what I have, but the ones that I have found mostly have the stock air cleaner on them so I can't see what's underneath or how it need to be done. Pictures help me a great deal. Thank you.
It does look similar to the second schematic you sent me. However, I don't think I have canister or the egr valve. In fact, I don't think I have the CTO either. I think this little engine has been stripped of all the emissions stuff. What I do have is a hose going from the carb to the pcv valve on the valve cover, a hose going from the carb to the distributor, and then I have that hose on the back of the valve cover that should go to the air cleaner, but is currently going to nothing. If I get this hose hooked up, is that all that I need to get the Jeep running correctly. (I know I still have to identfy any vacuum leaks and fix them). The little air cleaner that I have is nothing more than one of those little filters with a chrome top and bottom and the filter in between. Will this adapter you're talking about somehow hook up to this little air cleaner??? I know I'm asking lots of questions, but I'm learning and trying to do the work myself. I appreciate everyone's patience.
I have purchased the Chilton Book about Jeeps. The vacuum/emissions diagrams were confusing to me, because my Jeep doesn't have hardly any of that stuff on it. So, I have been confused about what I need and what I don't need.
Can you take a few pics of your engine bay.That way we'll all be able to look at it here.Were kinda like you lost without pics.Men are always lost without pics LOL
Then with the pics the members will be able to give you better advice.Get some close ups and overall pics from different angles.I'll post my engine pics in my member gallery.Just open my profile to see them.
It sounds like you have the basic needs for running.Like IO said your CTO and EGR valve will be helpful.You do have a hose running to your vacumn booster on your brakes don't you
When I get home this afternoon, I will take some pics and post them. It will be later this afternoon, because I typically don't get home until late afternoon. I'm not sure about the vacuum booster and the brakes. I'll have to take a look after I get home. Thank you all for the info and I'll get back with you later on today.
The hoses that you have hooked up are enough for it to run correctly :chug: The hose on the back of the valve cover does not need to be hooked up you can replace it with a crome breaher from the auto parts store This arrangment will not get you buy a visual smog inspection so beware of that......You say that you have to keep your foot on the gas slightly to get it to idle....Sounds like you need to adjust the idle screw on the side of the carb to increase your idle speed so it will run on its own...if you look at your throttle shaft on the side of the carb there is a screw with a spring wraped around it. It works like an adjustable stop screw when you tighten the screw up it will increase the idle speed of the motor. Provided that you dont have a vacuam leak that should make it run fine :chug:
Couldn't figure out the gallery so I'll post the engine pics here.I have fuel injection instead of carb but the vacumn hoses are the same.My egr and cto aren't hooked up either.Hope this helps.On the 3rd pic you'll see the egr valve below the carb its round and rusty.If you see the red hose on the intake manifold go down at a angle to the right you'll see the cto valve screwed into the intake .It's behind the black wire loom half way between the egr and the red hose.Its in the shadows

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