Warn OD from t90 to t14

Warn OD from t90 to t14


Garner, NC
CJ 6A tuxedo park, I joined this because I found this jeep and don't know any thing about it. It has a flat head 4 cyl, pto front winch looks like a Dana 20 front and a 44 rear but could be wrong, I'm just going off of what I know. It is a three on the tree.
Ok here's the deal, I have a Dana 18 trans with a warn OD and pto winch that was attached to a t90 trans and 4cyl. I just found a dauntless with t14 3spd, the problem that I am having is that output shaft between the t14 and t90 are different. The bearing that the OD uses inner diameter is to big for the new t14 shaft. Also there are more splines on the t14 then there is on the t90. Help! I'm not sure which way I should go? Either adapt the t90 to the dauntless or overhaul the t14, I just wanted a floor shifter not a column. But don't want to break the bank.
Was on advanced assorted website and they sell the two different output shafts. Can I just switch the two shafts? Are the two compatible? Or do I need to get the six spline specifically for the t14
"I need to get the six spline specifically for the t14"

yes sir, you do.
Can I replace the overdrive shaft insted of tearing apart the trans? They have both shafts at advance adapter. If I change the shaft output of the t14 will I need to change anything else? Or is it just a swap of the shafts?
The T-14 is the weaker of the 2 transmissions.
Novak & A/A both make adapters for Buick V6 to T90 transmissions.

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